Thursday, January 6

🧤 Do You Want to Recover From The Bitcoin Drop? $COVID Is The Only Reliable Bullish Token Out There.

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Here’s why?

⁃ $COVID generates rewards for holder with every transaction

⁃ Dev wallet and liquidity are locked

⁃ Project is attracting media attention

⁃ Marketing is lined up for the next 2 weeks with steep budget increases daily

Yesterday, on the first day of our big marketing campaign, we had a 100%+ gain. Then the market became unstable with BNB and BTC decreasing. So a lot of people panicked and sold their crypto. Not just COVID, but even the Top 5.

This situation DOES NOT affect our plans and the roadmap for $COVID.

Our dev team is hard at work, building the platform. We are increasing the marketing budget from personal funds to offset the market conditions.

A solid project with an important mission will break through the market uncertainty and grow both today and in the long run!

* ✅ Audited by Techrate
* ✅ Liquidity & Dev Wallet – LOCKED
* ✅ Healthy BSC environment

This week’s milestones:

⁃ 2500 total holders & $1,000,000 MCAP – adjusted for market conditions!

⁃ Coinmarketcap and Coin Gecko Listings

⁃ NFT marketplace reveal on Friday 21st May

⁃ Upcoming burns

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