2021 Honda Accord: Noise Canceling Technology Like Headphones

It will be one of the most popular cars in 2021 with the remarkable features of the 2021 Honda Accord, which prevents noise like a headset.

We have reviewed the new Honda Accord 2021 for you, which is quite spacious for a sedan family car and has almost all the features we can expect from a car.

Japanese car company Honda continues to keep both comfort and sportiness together with the new Honda Accord 2021. We can say that this car, which has almost all the features you can call in a sedan, is one of the leading models in its segment.

2021 model comes with Honda Accord highlights 1

2021 The design of the new Honda Accord

The exterior design that we are used to from the 2020 model of Accord also welcomes us with some minor details in the 2021 model. Although the sedan is known as a family car, we can say that it makes us feel with its powerful engine with small details. The new Accord, which has a length of 4881 mm, a width of 1450 mm and a width of 1861 mm, is quite sufficient for a sedan car.

When we look at the front of the car, glossy black and chrome details greet us. Some drivers are positioned above and below the grille with chrome details that cover almost the entire front bumper. Sportiness is the biggest factor in the 19-inch alloy wheels of the new Honda Accord 2021.

These wheels, which create a strong and aesthetic expression, allow you to protect your place with a bold stance on the road. When we follow the lines that reflect the sharpness and performance of the car, the rear welcomes us. Fastback-inspired design makes the new Accord look very muscular. As the car redesigned its LED taillights, the rear bumper features parking sensors that help identify objects close to the rear of the car.

Honda interior: quiet travel thanks to active noise cancellation

2021 model comes with Honda Accord highlights 3

The interior of the new Accord is surprisingly spacious, and rear seat passengers in particular will be happier in an Accord than in almost any other midsize sedan. Accord, which offers style and space for up to five people with impressive rear headroom and knee room, helps you feel like you are in a luxury car with leather-upholstered seats.

According to Honda’s statements; Inspired by the concert hall, the cabin design provides an uninterrupted view and is very quiet thanks to its Active Noise Canceling feature. With the Sunroof feature that helps illuminate the interior, it allows the light to enter and you can enjoy a cool breeze. Honda Accord 2021, which has a very large, spacious and comfortable interior, seems to have gone beyond the class as an interior design.

Some Features of the 2021 Model Honda Accord

The anti-collision braking system, which we frequently encounter in vehicles with the latest technology, is also in the new Accord. This feature allows the vehicle to automatically brake and avoid a collision in the event of a collision while on the move.

Lane Departure Reduction System:

While driving with your Accord, your car sends audible warnings if you unwittingly deviate from your lane. If you don’t get your vehicle back into your lane, the Accord will apply small steering torque to help you get back into the lane. During the steering application, if your maximum speed is very high, it also has the feature of automatic braking.

Adaptive speed control:

If you miss your following distance with the vehicle in front of you, Accord automatically limits your speed and helps you to follow the following distance rule. After the vehicle in front of you is towed, the speed limiter is automatically deactivated and you can reach the speed you want again.

Traffic sign recognition:

Your Accord detects traffic signs or various speed limit warnings for you. Thanks to the sensor located right behind the rearview mirror, it can easily detect signs showing traffic rules and provide information to the driver. In this way, you can easily see some rules that you missed in traffic thanks to your Accord.

2021 model comes with Honda Accord highlights 2

Honda Accord 2021 equipment packages:

For Accord Sedan;

  • LX
  • Sport
  • Sport Special Edition
  • EX-L
  • Touring 2.0T

For the hybrid model;

  • Hybrid
  • Hybrid EX
  • Hybrid EX-L
  • Hybrid Touring