Thursday, January 6

A crackdown on miners in China would radically reduce the carbon footprint of Bitcoin mining, increase the profitability of all the remaining #Bitcoin miners, reduce nagging China FUD, support progress toward our ESG goals, & drive up the value of $BTC. We should be so lucky…

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Saylor Moon says so! [](


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  • konokonohamaru

    Is China mining actually dirtier? I thought they use a lot of hydro

    Agree that it would overall be a net positive though

  • Apprehensive_Total28

    Sure but if they do it overnight prepare for a very very slow BTC. Could help the panic sellers though… cant sell if it takes days for your transaction to confirm

  • unfuckingstoppable

    you don’t have the faintest clue what a china mining ban would do for the market. why wouldn’t they just move their operation over the border? they already move regularly to capture hydro in the rainy season. markets are dynamic, and so is bitcoin difficulty and price.

  • mustyoshi

    And increase the block time for the rest of the current mining cycle, and the next mining cycle (proportional to how much time of the current cycle was spent at the higher hashrate).

  • TheWayofTheStonks

    Something I think about a lot is. What would happen to Bitcoin transactions if all of China miners went off line?

    Do transactions fees increase…. Does it become easier for the little guy to use his PC to mine?

  • Halve_Liter_Jan

    As a guy who frequents the Chinese restaurant across my apartment, I can say that the Chinese are also very much involved in the buying of bitcoin. And they are with more than a billion people, so there is that..

  • edgellidan

    Yeah sure. Lets mine in america and europe where mining is THREE TIMES more wasteful.

    Oh and we beed specialized ASIC miners worth 6000$ each at 1000watts to actually mine.

    Michael saylor IS a con artist that lost 95% of his money in the dotcom bubble and is using bitcoin to propel his agendas.

    He is not our friend, hes a 2020 bandwagoner making money off of us

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