A PlayStation User Sues Sony for Monopolizing the PS Store

Sony faced a serious lawsuit for selling games to PlayStation users only from the PS Store. The lawsuit filed by the user on the grounds that “the company has a monopoly policy” will be followed meticulously.

A PlayStation User Sues Sony for Monopolizing the PS Store

Two years ago, the sale of game codes for Sony PlayStation was completely stopped. After the game code sales on third-party platforms such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart were stopped, Sony had connected all its users to the PS Store. The reaction of all the players was that there was almost no price difference between digital game codes and DVDs.

Sony was recently charged with a heavy accusation by a user complaining about this issue. The user claimed that Sony had a monopoly on PlayStation games and therefore, they could rule the prices as they wanted and applied prices above the competition. While it is stated that the case may soon turn into a “class action”, almost all users who complain about similar issues converge.

Monopolization sanctions can be heavy against Ps Store

Serious consequences may arise regarding the situation that Google has faced many times before. As you know, as you know, as a result of the lawsuits filed from Turkey regarding Google ads, “Shopping Ads” are no longer published. Severe sanctions may be imposed on Sony in the case filed through the California District Court.

However, a similar case continues between Apple and Epic Games. A precedent could also be set in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games if Sony was convicted prior to this case.

The Japanese technology giant has not made any comments on the subject at the moment, but we are looking forward to what we will see in the future. What do you think about this issue? Please share with us in the comments.