Thursday, January 6

A truly dangerous precedent against decentralisation is being set. Let me get this straight, two billionaires, who constantly have war of words on a public forum, set up a meeting with Bitcoin miners across North America to form the so called Bitcoin council…(contd)…

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..(pretty sure this meeting wasn’t planned in one day)

Only a few days before this meeting, the market falls drastically and there is blood on the street. But suddenly, just one day after this meet, markets climb up like crazy numbers, even unheard by many people, and the public is openly told about this meeting. Why not tell about this news on the same day? Why not stop the bloodbath if they are so in support of crypto and decentralisation? Were they upto something, say, buying the dip? To make the market in their favour, make it easier to manipulate it? Also a Goldman Sachs news was thrown in.

No manipulation at all here folks. This is truly dangerous for decentralisation. Stop trusting these people and institutions.

Edit: Here are the tweets that I am referring to::

1. [Musk Tweet](

2. [Saylor Tweet](


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  • inbeforethelube

    They paid the miners to sell their crypto on the exchanges, then rebought it for them and filled their own bags when it tanked.

  • Wess-L

    It’s just a meeting with the biggest miners in the us.
    People do not need to follow their guidelines or rules in the us to mine.Hes just trying to get bitcoin green so he can keep it as an asset without looking like a hypocrite.
    This is actually good because most of the bitcoin farms are in China. More funding for us farms would make is less decentralized.
    Imo we need more miners in other countries to be more decentralized.
    Besides there is more crypto than bitcoin.
    If you are looking for more decentralized crypto you will find tons of better options. Some that even give you privacy. Rn moneyflow is too easy to collect by the big banks. They know what you buy where you buy it and how often you buy it. They got free access to all this data. This is why Snowden does not think bitcoin is a decentralized currency. And he is right.
    Rn bitcoin is not for the common people to revolt against the bigbanks inflation.
    It’s mostly for investors and the rich.
    There just isn’t that much adoption.
    Once crypto starts to be mainstream we might change our whole money system to a currency that will not be decentralized. But that would take decades. We are just at the start.

  • WishPractical8703

    the governments over the world’s largest economies have been doing more against it than two arguing people.

  • Blooberino

    The problem is in regulation. There is none, and there won’t be any.

    This is the case throughout all of crypto and its not going to be solved. A law put in place in the US, for example, will only apply to US investors and exchanges operating in the US.

    The big hands will move offshore. So regulation is a useless endeavor.

  • Canada_Coins

    Michael Saylor has done a lot of good for crypto, but I fear one day he will become the villain.

  • imaque

    These kinds of councils (I use the term loosely) have been tried with BTC before. BTC is such that without a bottom-up approach, all you wind up with are annoying hard forks

  • wakomorny

    Time to form an alliance. Retail investors, miners and fans of decentralisation. We call ourselves the freefolk!

  • lvl1vagabond

    That’s why I’m investing in Nano and other currencies. It’s more than just the money. I feel like bitcoin and ethereum are perceived more as just money and a way to gamble rather then technology of any form.

  • Thub_Tumper

    OP reminds me of the trump voters… buying popcorn and watching the drama with your eyes peeled open thinking that the show you are watching actually matters. In other words, I compare bitcoin to the trump admin. Mostly a fraud but you can make money with it.

  • Important-World-6053

    Dude I couldn’t agree more….I knew it was sketchy before…But this is the worst I have seen…I honestly thought it was the exchanges manipulating things…hmmm

  • Acceptable_Novel8200

    Musk’s endgame :

    He will appoint himself as the head of this Bitcoin council and take the credit of everythng.

  • Obsidianram

    This is the beginning of a unionized miners organization, and nothing good can come from it – ever. Stop it dead in its’ tracks before it gets started.

  • SusGreen

    They are hijacking the Bitcoin, they want to take over the greatest invention known to human kind. These ego manaics won’t stop until all humanity remembers them as heroes, and the US miners will bow down. Prove me wrong… please I beg you to prove me wrong.

  • Wodenisall

    TESLA is the most dangerous company out there, they monopolise everything they touch and the use your data and privacy like its their toy.

  • Accomplished-Design7

    Institutions are the real enemy here, they do everything to step on the little guys just so they can be on the top. This is not what crypto was for. We need to make sure there is decentralisation!

  • AstroDSLR

    I’m a too sceptic if I say it’s only a matter of time before Elon claims he is Satoshi Nakamoto?

  • CounterAdmirable4218

    You could sort of see this coming a mile away.

    Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment said Elon.

    A week or two later – Green Bitcoin!

    This whole market is epically manipulated, at all times.

  • BerserkerArmour

    Might be a good time to move away from bitcoin onto some more smaller offerings. I don’t like the idea of a centralised bitcoin at all.

  • ubiquitous_raven

    Both of these men are doing nothing but trying to protect their investments. All those here who think saylor as some Messiah who speaks for them, don’t realise he doesn’t give a fuck about bitcoins core premise, and worse is a maxi.

    They only want their money to grow. Don’t give a shit about anything else. Look through their virtue signalling.

  • JaimeJabs

    This is the first step of making crypto-mining something government wilk take control of by making it illegal to mine without a license. Once there is a licensing issue, capital like what Musk has can easily build vast mining facilities that become the centre of all fresh btc. If this continues, btc will be no different than fiat in that only a handful of people or organizations will bring new coins to the market.

  • Prisoner458369

    This is when I wonder why we should even bother. The whole of crypto seems to be in the hands of a few people, well maybe dozens of people. But the rich/powerful anyway. This was meant to be a way to get away from them/the banks. When really it’s just another way to be under their thumb.

  • AProfileToMakePost

    The miners should tell them to eat their pork and stick a fork up their ass. Then we eat them with forks after they give us they private keys of course.

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