A truly dangerous precedent against decentralisation is being set. Let me get this straight, two billionaires, who constantly have war of words on a public forum, set up a meeting with Bitcoin miners across North America to form the so called Bitcoin council…(contd)…

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..(pretty sure this meeting wasn’t planned in one day)

Only a few days before this meeting, the market falls drastically and there is blood on the street. But suddenly, just one day after this meet, markets climb up like crazy numbers, even unheard by many people, and the public is openly told about this meeting. Why not tell about this news on the same day? Why not stop the bloodbath if they are so in support of crypto and decentralisation? Were they upto something, say, buying the dip? To make the market in their favour, make it easier to manipulate it? Also a Goldman Sachs news was thrown in.

No manipulation at all here folks. This is truly dangerous for decentralisation. Stop trusting these people and institutions.

Edit: Here are the tweets that I am referring to::

1. [Musk Tweet](https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1396914548167233537?s=21)

2. [Saylor Tweet](https://twitter.com/michael_saylor/status/1396915801492439044?s=21)


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