Aaron Arnold Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Will Surpass $ 100,000


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Aaron Arnold, co-founder of Altcoin Daily, is of the opinion that Bitcoin (BTC) will exceed $ 100,100.

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In a statement to 815,000 Youtube subscribers, Arnold stated that the Bitcoin network is constantly growing and on the rise.

“I am extremely optimistic about Bitcoin. In addition to its strong foundations, Bitcoin has a censorship-resistant and decentralized structure. A lot is happening in 2021. I think there is no way Bitcoin will not exceed $100,000.

Bitcoin has a lot to do. Hash rate has increased. Active Bitcoin addresses have increased. The Bitcoin balance on the exchanges is still very low. “

The crypto analyst also points to the fact that institutions and regulators continue to adopt the largest crypto asset.

“PayPal and Venmo are prime examples. The US Currency Controller is also in approval mode. Editing is in progress. Having a regulation means they won’t ban it. That’s why Wall Street agrees. Institutions have also started to build the infrastructure.”

Arnold looks at the on-chain data and says investors see this as an opportunity. He says HODLers are confident in Bitcoin’s long-term outlook.

“Long-term investors continue to invest right now. Those who made money from it before were those who bought it from the bottom again. In fact, to be more specific, long-term HODLers added 221,000 Bitcoins to their holdings last month.”