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According the Stock-to-Flow Model, Bitcoin is the most undervalued asset in the last ten years.


According the Stock-to-Flow Model, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most undervalued asset in the last ten years.


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    Bitcoin is done. It may go to 100 or so but people don’t like to buy expensive things. Can you imagine the money required to 2x your money if bitcoin was 100k? The market cap would be worth more than apple.

    Most people invest in things that can give great returns. I wont lie, 97% of all altcoins are shitcoins. But thats why shitcoins are profitable. I’ve dumped 100-300$ in so many things that have given me a 2 week 10x (also things that immediately rugged, thus the small bits i put in).

    The other side of the coin is if we all go into bitcoin, the whales own 50% of btc so they could easily just dump.

    Im not saying there isnt life in bitcoin, there is, but gone are the days of 20xing with bitcoin.

    Am I grateful for Bitcoin? Yes very much so. I wouldnt have my wife, a boat, a small cabin in Michigan, and four kids and a paid off house.

    But its time is near its end. 300k-400k is possible in 10-20 years possibly.

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    tldr; Bitcoin’s price deflection chart from the popular stock-to-flow model is at its lowest level in over ten years. Bitcoin has deviated from its 11-year uptrend line. This is an additional indicator that the value of BTC is undervalued and indicates that there is space for upside.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  • QuickAltTab

    I know this is sacrilegious, but it could also just mean the Stock-to-Flow model isn’t a good predictor of future values, maybe a different model is a better fit once bitcoin exits the early growth/adoption phase. [Xkdc for this](

  • Big_Goose

    Yes, the asset that is up a million percent in the past 10 years is undervalued. That makes perfect sense, thank you.

  • ElvisUncle

    Risk Factors. Bitcoin is a very volatile asset and is not suited for everyone. Numerous factors like increased government regulation, hacking, functionality issues (such as speed, cost, and scale), fraudulent activity, and other negative elements could impact Bitcoin’s popularity and thus affect BTC’s price negatively

  • Xlren

    Lol you really think bitcoin is going to 1 million in 2024? Lol
    S2F is a bad model because bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency, 80% of people investing in crypto don’t own a single sat ok?

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