All the details you can wonder about Clubhouse in 8 questions

Introduced in 2020, the Clubhouse application has become one of the most popular applications of recent days. However, after many bad reviews and warnings from experts, the curious parts of the Clubhouse application are too much. In this article, we will answer all the curious questions about Clubhouse application.

Everyone is talking about the Clubhouse application. It is discussed whether the application can become a permanent player in social networks. On the other hand, there are serious question marks on the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse application, which spread rapidly and attracted great attention through invitation, reached a market value of over $ 1 billion in a short time.



Let’s start with a question for those who don’t know. What is this Clubhouse? Millions of users have shown great interest in the application, which is currently running iOS 13 and above, especially during the pandemic process. In 2020, Alpha Exploration Co. Developed under the umbrella of a software company named Clubhouse, it is a completely sound-oriented medium that makes it possible to create different rooms. Unlike commonly used social media companies such as Facebook and Instagram, it is not possible to share images and photos in the Clubhouse.

Clubhouse, which was founded by two entrepreneurs Paul Davison and Rohan Seth and set off with an investment of $ 10 million from Andreessen Horowitz and Kortschak Investments in 2020, was a small platform with only 1500 members in its first months. However, when investments in the application, which managed to attract the attention of investors and whose potential was realized, continued to increase rapidly, the value of the company exceeded $ 1 billion in a short time.

2.Can I Enter CLUBHOUSE Uninvited?

No. The application can be used by invitation, as some applications, especially Gmail, did years ago. It is not possible to log into the system without an invitation. The user who receives the invitation, on the other hand, has the right to invite two people after entering the platform and the chain formed in this way attracts many more users to the Clubhouse over time.

The invitation system also increases the curiosity for the application and enables more users to be reached in a short time. Those who do not have an invitation print their name on the list and are only admitted to chat rooms in their turn.

3.Why is CLUBHOUSE Popular?

“Until now, most of the social networks were designed to produce either text or video-based content. Clubhouse has managed to attract the attention of people with a multi-voice application by going beyond this trend.

Writing or video-talking is relatively harder than chatting, according to Arı, which is one of the other reasons people’s Clubhouse trend.

Previously, no social network had developed an application where thousands of people could chat together and without subordinate relationship by voice at the same time.



Clubhouse has a time consuming structure like all other social networks. Arı predicts that Clubhouse will be number one in its field like Zoom. He also points out that this may reduce the use of other social networks.

Home socialization, home entertainment and home education… Social networks that make a rapid entry into our lives can be transformed into many things due to the pandemic. Digital Content Creator Zeynep Kömürcü Bulut said, “The professionals of this business are gradually being formed. There are jobs that take time and require high costs such as always taking a photo or producing a video. It may be preferred more for reasons like these, ”he says.


According to the news in the Sunday Times, the application has a moderation problem. Although Facebook provides this control with its algorithm system based on many years, Clubhouse is a very new application and it is very difficult to control the content of the speeches made in thousands of rooms. Journalist Taylor Lorenz, working for the New York Times, stated that she was harassed in a Clubhouse room about her Silicon Valley news.

She reports that there were some security breaches in the Clubhouse, although no records were made as soon as the conversations in the rooms were over. “The third parties have the right to share your personal data in cases such as legal requirements,” said Akkoyunu, “The device collects all of your e-mail and click data. Although it is said that the broadcasts are only live and not recorded, your voice is recorded for a while. If a “security breach” is reported, the audio recording may be stored, “she warns.


Working with the invitation system, Clubhouse is a mobile application that appeals to a limited number of users and is still under development and is currently very popular. Developers are still working on the Android version for Clubhouse, which can only be used by iOS users with the invitation system, but there is no official application in the Play Store yet.


The application can be used in three different channels: Open Room, Social Room and Closed Room. While anyone who opens a channel through the Open Room can take everyone to the room they set up, in the case of the Social Room, only those who open the room can enter the room. The Closed Room, on the other hand, allows those who set up the room to meet the people they choose one by one.

While the opened rooms are displayed according to your area of ​​interest, the rooms with the users you follow are also displayed. When you want to talk in the room you are entering, simply touch the “raise your hand” icon. You can speak when the moderator pulls you into the speaker group. No notification is sent to the moderators when you leave the room.



“The main feature of the podcast is an application where one or more people chat together, as in traditional media, and the audience is generally passive. In the Clubhouse, it is an application where everyone can be active and be an actor. This makes it difficult for the Podcast world. The main difference is that Clubhouse removes the hierarchy. Famous people also show a different feature in the Clubhouse than in other social networks.

They behave like one of the people in the more modest, simpler and more House rooms. This is also something I have seen for the first time. All of them chatted with people in the rooms for hours. He waited for their turn to come. This will push other networks and especially Podcast to become a less used platform. “

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