AltCoin Trader Loses $ 185,000

Altcoin Trader Who Loses 185 Thousand Dollars: I Can Have To Work At McDonalds. A popular cryptocurrency trader on Twitter made statements after it collapsed from its investments.

A trader reset the money he made from his altcoin investments in three weeks. Trader says he may have to apply for a job at McDonalds soon.

The trader named rgrpark, who tells about his experiences on Twitter, had $ 185,582. Trader said that on April 11, the altcoin season was progressing rapidly and that he was holding projects that he described as “well-founded”. Altcoins it holds; It was in the form of EXRD, ID, ALBT and GLQ.

“Everything was going well, but I wanted to get faster returns with small projects,” Rgrpark said. I was impatient. ” said.


While Rgrpark was busy trading on Uniswap, he started dumping Bitcoin. The trader was buying high on Uniswap, selling at the bottom. He said that by April 20, he lost 50 percent of his portfolio from trading too much shitcoin. The trader’s $ 185,582 fell to $ 79,089.

Rgrpark says out of desperation he has invested a large part of his portfolio in SNOGE. After that, although he stated that there was a partial recovery in his portfolio, “I couldn’t make a profit from my stupidity.” said. The trader’s portfolio increased to $ 127,743.

But on April 26, the money in his hand was completely different.

The trader’s portfolio dropped to $ 32,245 on April 26. He made up some of his losses by trading with CryptoCart (CC). On April 29th, he sold his CC’s and put all his money into MICRO. The trader said that at the time of depositing the token started pumping and made a remarkable profit.

Wanting to sell early, the trader decided to keep what he had and by morning saw his money increase to $ 104,171.

And the rug pull case…

The trader, who continued to hold MICRO, saw a massive price drop in MICRO a few hours later. Looking at Twitter, rgrpark learned that the price drop was due to rug pull. By chance, Rgrpark saw liquidity and managed to recover 0.8 Ether. Now he says he is left with 93 CC.

However, since the CC token is not listed yet, the token has no value and can only be traded on Uniswap. The trader thinks he might have to look for a job because of this.