AMD Radeon HD 6990 review

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It’s been years since the AMD Radeon HD 6990 was called the “World’s fastest graphics card”. Is AMD Radeon HD 6990 a must buy graphics card? Is the HD 6990 a product that has adapted to the developing technology?

Radeon HD 6990 was a graphics card released by AMD in 2011 and known as the legendary graphics card of those years.

World’s fastest graphics card

AMD Radeon HD 6990 review

AMD entered the graphics card market quickly and assertively in 2011. Over the years, many graphics cards have been introduced to the market that have increased AMD’s power. Radeon HD 6990 is a dual GPU, easy overclock, 3D supported and DirectX 11 supported graphics card.

AMD describes the card as: “AMD once again expands its graphics performance leadership and launches the world’s fastest graphics card… AGAIN!” The hardware features of the graphics card, which AMD announced as the 3DMark 11 benchmark score P11865, are as follows; 830 MHz (up to 880 MHz with overclocking), 4GB GDDR5 memory, 320GBps memory width.

Also, Radeon HD 6990 supports some of AMD’s proprietary software; Eyefinity with support for up to five displays, HD3D stereoscopic 3D support, UVD3 video playback accelerator for HD video and Blu-ray 3D.

According to the news of Anandtech, one of the bad features of the video card is that it works very loud. The site also recommends that those who want to buy a graphics card for $ 699 first make sure that their hardware can handle this card. This is because an overclocked 6990 can draw up to 684 watts.

Why is AMD Radeon HD 6990 better than the average?

AMD Radeon HD 6990 review
  • Memory bus width?
    • 512bitvs247.86bit
  • Shading unit?
    • 3072vs2291.01
  • Tissue overlay units (TMUs)?
    • 192vs136.23
  • Image production units (ROPs)?
    • 64vs52.84
  • DVI output?
    • 1vs0.88
  • Mini DisplayPort outputs?
    • 4vs0.02
  • Length?
    • 112.25mmvs121.18mm

The Radeon HD 6990 was a fan class designs card by AMD, sent off on March eighth, 2011. Based on the 40 nm process, and in view of the Antilles illustrations processor, in its Antilles XT variation, the card upholds DirectX 11.2. The Antilles designs processor is a huge chip with a bite the dust area of 389 mm² and 2,640 million semiconductors.

Radeon HD 6990 joins two designs processors to increment execution. It highlights 1536 concealing units, 96 surface planning units, and 32 ROPs, per GPU. AMD has matched 4 GB GDDR5 memory with the Radeon HD 6990, which are associated utilizing a 256-digit memory interface per GPU (each GPU oversees 2,048 MB). The GPU is working at a recurrence of 830 MHz, memory is running at 1250 MHz (5 Gbps viable).

Being a double space card, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 draws power from 2x 8-pin power connectors, with power draw evaluated at 375 W greatest. Show yields include: 1x DVI, 4x small scale DisplayPort 1.2. Radeon HD 6990 is associated with the remainder of the framework utilizing a PCI-Express 2.0 x16 interface. The card’s aspects are 310 mm x 115 mm x 40 mm, and it includes a double opening cooling arrangement. Its cost at send off was 699 US Dollars.

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