AMD, RDNA 3 series power consumption is quite high

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AMD has increased power consumption with new generation graphics cards. AMD’s latest graphics cards have been criticized for high power consumption by users.

Not much, just a few years ago a good computer could run with a 500W power supply. As time progressed, technology improved, and as performance increased, the power requirement naturally increased. The last point of the graphics cards is the increase in the bill visibly. According to published reports, AMD will consume very high power with the RDNA 3 series.

The future of the new generation with no less power requirements was already evident. However, there is also a competition between Nvidia and AMD in terms of power consumption. In the next generation, users will also consider the wattage spent when choosing between the two brands. Therefore, the power consumption of these cards is of greater importance.

AMD RDNA 3 can reach 450W power consumption

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While 450W power supply can be enough to feed a mid-level computer, it is not so when we go to the upper segment. While Nvidia’s current generation flagship RTX 3090 consumes 300-400W of power, we will see AMD reach 450W with the new generation. However, this is not surprising, because similar power consumption values ​​are expected from the RTX 40 series, which Nvidia will introduce this year. However, we can see slight differences between the two manufacturers.

Since we can see power consumptions of up to 450W from both brands, the factor we will determine when choosing is performance. AMD’s senior manager, Sam Naffziger, used the expressions “Performance is king” when it comes to energy efficiency in an interview he attended. In addition, claiming that the AMD RDNA 3 architecture is the leader in performance per Watt, the manager pointed out that the main point is performance.

Later this year, both Nvidia and AMD will introduce new generation graphics cards. It is certain that these have the power to raise the bill, and the next thing we will pay attention to is how much performance they can give despite the energy they consume. In the system where a video card consumes 450W of power, a huge power supply such as 1000W will be needed. In other words, if you are going to assemble a high-end computer in the near future, it is useful to calculate the power consumption.

We hope to have more information about the AMD RDNA 3 architecture in the near future. Which would you choose between Nvidia and AMD?

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