Apple hired Facebook’s former ad manager


AppleWorking on Facebook’s advertising team Antonio Garcia Martinez placeholder imagehired. The technology giant aims to invest in the advertising platform with this move. Antonio Garcia Martinez joined Apple in April as part of the company’s advertising platforms product engineering team. Business Insider She will be working on Apple’s campus in Cupertino.

At this point, let’s be reminded that Apple’s ad platforms team is working on ad technology in the App Store and other locations in the Apple ecosystem, including the Apple News and Stocks app. Antonio Garcia Martinez will operate in this field at Apple. However, both the company and Martinez declined to comment on the recruitment.

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Antonia garcia martinez

Antonia Garcia Martinez worked at Facebook from 2011 to 2013 and became an influential figure in the company’s advertising products team. He had a say in ad targeting and eventually took on the role of product manager for FBX, Facebook’s now defunct ad exchange. Martinez’s “Chaos MonkeysHe also has a book called.

Apple once had its own advertising platform called iAd, which allows advertisers to serve interactive ads within iOS apps. However, this platform was never successful and Apple decided to terminate iAd in 2016. Apple now offers ad spaces to highlight apps in the App Store. In addition, Apple generated $ 16.9 billion in revenue from the App Store and services that include ads in the second quarter of 2021. This played an important role in the orientation of the company to this field.

Apple has no claims in advertising; However, the company wants to ensure that ads displayed on iOS comply with privacy rules and continues to take steps in this area.


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