Apple prepares to start mass production of the M2 processor


Apple organized last November “One More ThingThe new processor, M1, with the event named ” introduced. M1 processor new coming with MacBook Air, Mac mini and The new 13-inch MacBook Pro models managed to attract attention with their performances.

The review of the new MacBook Air with M1 processor is available to you last January. we transferred. Last week, Apple introduced the new iPad Pro and iMac models with M1 processors, the next version of its processor. M2 continues to work on it.

macbook air 734

Today Nikkei Asia According to information shared by Apple, the M2 processor series to production to begin getting ready. According to the news based on sources close to the company, the first M2 shipment next July can happen within. In the same period, new MacBook models are expected to be introduced.

In short, new MacBook models using the M2 processor of the year may appear in the third quarter of the year. Last year, the production of the M1 processor, one of Apple’s major suppliers, TSMC had undertaken. According to the information shared by Nikkei Asia, the serial production of the M2 processor will also be carried out by TSMC. Of the new processor M1X Let’s add that it can be called.

Apple, which used Intel-produced processors before M1, to remind, in its statements last year, the transition to M series processors Will be completed in 2 years also announced. There is no information about what features the new processor, which is expected to have the name M2 or M1X, will have.


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