Apple Watch 7 design leaked


With the Watch 6 family, users EKG Apple, which allows you to shoot, will come up with more advanced features in its new model. Eagerly awaited Apple Watch 7 of your model design leaked.

Fundamental change in Apple Watch 7 design

The first leaks of Apple Watch 7 appeared in March. The company applying for a patent, digital crown technology is developing. It also includes leak details where the ECG sensor will be added to the digital crown.

Apple Watch 7 design leaked

Rendered images on leaked Apple Watch 7 angular design draws attention. The company, which preferred an angular design, as in the iPhone 12 family, was criticized by some users.

New patents for Apple Watch 7 released

Your new model blood glucose monitoring, breath-based movement control and the future is claimed with more advanced EKG technology.

It is not yet known whether the pointed corner design will cause any problems in long-term use. However, some analysts state that angular designs will not be useful for accessories such as watches.


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