Apple’s virtual reality glasses appeared

According to a prototype prepared in 2020, it was shared how Apple‘s virtual reality glasses could look and what features they could have.

We first conveyed to you in 2016 that Apple is working on virtual and augmented reality glasses. Bloomberg, who recently shared a report, claimed that Apple’s virtual reality (VR) glasses could appear in 2022.

Today, The Information shared what virtual reality glasses could look like and what features they could have, according to a prototype prepared in 2020. According to the information reported, the price of Apple’s virtual reality glasses can be around 3 thousand dollars.

When we look at today’s popular virtual reality glasses, we see that the price tag of 3 thousand dollars is quite high. For example, Oculus Quest 2, one of the popular virtual reality glasses in the market, costs only $ 300.

Apple’s virtual reality glasses leaked

Apple is preparing to introduce its new 8K resolution glasses, which blend virtual reality and augmented reality, very soon. Sources close to the technology giant leaked the technical specifications for the new glasses.

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Apple’s virtual reality glasses appeared

Virtual reality step from Apple

The report also showed an image of what the glasses might look like. The glasses will have a fabric mesh that will reduce their overall weight. Apple’s glasses will also appear to be inspired by the wristbands found on the Apple Watch.

Apple will have Silicon’s new processor

It is said that the processor in Apple’s glasses will be more powerful than the M1 chip and will power the 8K screens in the headphones. However, it won’t run consistently in 8K resolution. Instead, it will use a technique called “Foveated render” in which the title will dynamically scale the resolution according to where the user focuses on the screen.

Apple Virtual Reality Glasses Release Date?

As the glasses will also have AR functionality, there will be many cameras for tracking hand movement and LIDAR sensors for mapping the environment. If the development goes well, the headset could be launched in 2022. Apple also plans to release a lighter AR glasses, which it expects to be common, appealing to everyone.

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