ARM announces its new mobile GPU: Ray tracing mobile

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The Arm Immoralis-G715 mobile GPU has been officially announced. Here are the features of the new GPU that will bring ray tracing to the mobile world. ARM made a sound with the Immortalis GPU, which we came across today. The company is determined to raise the gaming bar for Android phones.

ARM, the most important name of the mobile processor world with its special architectures, managed to attract attention with the newly introduced Immortalis GPU. This GPU, the graphics unit, prepared by the company for the highest-end flagship phones, is positioned on top of ARM’s GPUs called “Mali” and brings 15 percent higher performance on paper.

One of the most important features of the GPU, which is designed with a maximum of 16 cores, is hardware ray tracing support, which is a first for the company. The GPU, which is very ambitious in this regard and creates the impression that it will truly bring the Ray Tracing gaming experience to Android phones (Mali-G710, has some software RT), brings a full 300 percent performance increase with its special hardware infrastructure in ray tracing, according to ARM’s statement.

The GPU, whose full name is Immortalis-G715, also has the “Variable Rate Shading” feature. VRS technology analyzes the scenes and focuses on the point that requires the most detail, thus offering more stable and higher frame rates. ARM is talking about 40 percent framerate increases here. It is not yet known when Immortalis-G715 will be used in a phone for the first time.

ARM announces its new mobile GPU Ray tracing mobile 2

Ray tracing comes to mobile with Arm Immoralis-G715

Ray tracing technology is currently used on high-end consoles and computers such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. But with Arm’s new GPU, it will finally come to Android phones and tablets. The new hardware is based on Mali used by MediaTek and Samsung.

According to Arm’s statement, the Immoralis-G715 provides a 15 percent performance increase compared to previous high-end Mali GPUs. In addition, stating that the new GPU has 10 to 16 graphics cores, Arm said that Mali has experienced 2 times growth in machine learning performance thanks to its innovative design.

Ray tracing technology, which is used to more realistically simulate lighting effects in real time, often needs powerful hardware in the desktop and console world. But Arm’s Director of Product Andy Craigen said the high hardware requirement for the new GPU is not an issue.

According to Craigen’s claim, ray tracing will only use 4 percent of Immoralis-G715’s core capacity. However, it should be reminded that there are no ray tracing supported games for Android phones and tablets yet. During the launch, it was reported that the first real experiences could come in 2023.

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