Bad news for TikTok users in 2021

China-based social media platform TikTok is on the agenda due to its vulnerability … It is claimed that users’ names, phone numbers and other information are at risk due to the vulnerability in the “Find friends” feature.

According to security researchers at Check Point, a flaw has been detected in the popular video sharing app TikTok that allows hackers to extract personal information from users’ accounts. Such details include phone numbers, nicknames, profile and avatar pictures, unique user IDs, and specific profile settings.

Bad news for TikTok users in 2021

It is stated that the vulnerability in TikTok’s “Find Friends” feature gives bad actors enough information to establish a connection between their profile details and phone numbers.

According to security studies, the issue only affected people who had accounts linked to phone numbers or who logged in with a phone number.

However, Check Point says there is no evidence that the vulnerability was exploited and that the flaw was fixed by TikTok.

Check Point spokesperson Ekram Ahmed said in a statement: “An attacker with such sensitive information can commit a number of malicious activities, such as spear phishing or other criminal acts. Our message to TikTok users is to share the minimum when it comes to your personal data.

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