Bakkt Users Can Now Send Bitcoin (BTC) to Anyone


bakkt bitcoin

Bakkt users can now send Bitcoin (BTC) to anyone, including non-users of the app.

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Cryptocurrency app Bakkt has announced a new peer-to-peer feature that allows users to send Bitcoin, gift cards and cash to anyone. Bakkt said in a statement that users can send items that are in scope even to people who don’t use the app.

According to Bakkt CEO Gavin Michael, the feature aims to seamlessly incentivize transactions between cryptocurrencies:

“Bakkt aimed to provide apps, marketplaces and payment infrastructure to make all digital assets tradable, and this new functionality invites anyone to a seamless digital experience to send and receive Bitcoin, gift cards or cash to anyone.”

Users can take advantage of the new feature by downloading the latest Bakkt app in the respective app stores. Currently, the app offers a single wallet that manages all cryptocurrency payments.

Partnership with Cantaloupe

Last month, Bakkt partnered with digital payments firm Cantaloupe, enabling users to pay for items at vending machines via Bitcoin. Following the partnership, Bakkt has also integrated into Cantaloupe’s consumer app as a preferred payment option. Users have “Pay with Crypto” and “Pay with Points” features on the application.

Bakkt was founded in 2018 by Intercontinental Exchange, owner of the New York Stock Exchange.