‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry is back on Twitter – and warning of the biggest market bubble in history- Burry has flagged reckless speculation on Tesla stock, bitcoin, and other assets.


‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry is back on Twitter – and warning of the biggest market bubble in history- Burry has flagged reckless speculation on Tesla stock, bitcoin, and other assets.


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40 thoughts on “‘Big Short’ investor Michael Burry is back on Twitter – and warning of the biggest market bubble in history- Burry has flagged reckless speculation on Tesla stock, bitcoin, and other assets.”

  1. There are a couple things most people shitting on Tesla and crypto don’t realize:

    * Tesla is not a car company, it’s an energy company making most of its profits from energy credits and efficiency of their batteries. These energy credits will only increase over next 4 years with democrats in charge.
    * The main money made in crypto is not from speculation, but from DeFi, which the media hasn’t even caught on to yet. DeFi basically democratizes the entire banking system.

    Additionally, even if it was in a bubble, what’s the alternative, keeping it in cash while the Fed prints more?

  2. I wish he spoke a little more about the markers hes seeing. Also what mechanism does he see for a crypto crash?

    I kinda agree most markets are a bubble right now but we could have years ahead of us still before a shock.

  3. At the end of the movie The Big Short, they mentioned that Michael Burry was solely investing in ‘Water’ after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.
    Now, this is a great idea, but the results of this investment haven’t reaped any ground-breaking benefits yet, after 13 years.

    The time-frame of when these things come to fruition is unpredictable. We are in a bubble. But when will it burst is anyone’s guess. The governments will try to delay is as much as possible and they may succeed for a number of years.

  4. Not surprised to hear this from Michael. He’s a shorter.

    I’m also not surprised to hear about an upcoming bear market. Bear seasons will always come to cryptocurrency and the bubble will always burst before forming again.

  5. You know last time he was this outspoken about a bubble it took several months before the bubble burst, not to be too optimistic but nobody knows when she’s gonna blow.

  6. My guess is that when margins are called for stocks, investors will sell their crypto hedge, and that is how crypto will get driven down.

  7. Anything that’s not a value investment is in a bubble. It’s all speculation and some enthusiasm. The PM’s, the commodities, and dividend paying equities will make people very very very wealthy in the coming few years…. and then they’ll put their gains in crypto and just buy the moon

  8. Gotta love how the biggest financial institutions saw a chart that showed how overleveraged they were in 2008 and immediately went back to doing that on a bigger scale as soon as they were bailed out. Fucking asshats.

  9. Shipping crisis will speed up the crash with hyperinflation. Fed will have to stop printing money for repos.

  10. One asset is not like the other; one will recover faster and more unprecedented than any other…

  11. What I am getting out of his bet is that he’s saying crypto can be in a big bubble because the biggest hedge funds probably own 50% of all crypto and these same hedge funds are getting destroyed on shorts in meme stocks. Both crypto and stocks are intertwined because the biggest douchebags with the biggest pockets are pulling both. These guys can rug pull at any minute if they lost too much on stocks. This whole big bubble is no joke. Be careful in a year from now you’ll see

  12. So is a 50% drop from its high not considered a crash for bitcoin? Genuinely asking…because if that happens to stock indexes it’s catastrophic.

  13. I like Raoul Pals idea better, the denominator needs to be changed to the central bank balance sheet. Every asset is going up not because of a major bubble or super inflation it is because the dollar is falling to shit. Getting into assets keeps your dollars safe from the devaluation and only tech stocks on Crypto actually makes you gain money vs the CB balance sheet.

  14. Ok so let’s not discount immediately . If it’s true, what’s the play? Hodl cash until it happens then buy the crash? Divest away now? Not looking advice just curious what the playbook is then

  15. Mad weird seeing people throw shade at Burry.

    Yeah he might be early and no one knows when, but I think it’s probably prudent to heed some of the guys advice given he’s already proven to be a damn Nostradamus

  16. I would suggest people here go check out the DD going on in the meme stock subs. Basically, the economy didn’t actually recover after 2008 and the can got kicked down the road. COVID hits forcing the Fed to print ungodly amounts of money. Hedge funds went nuts and shorted stocks in an attempt to bankrupt companies and make massive amounts of “easy” money. Low interests rates means little to no risk. Inflation means stocks are at an all-time high, ripe for a crash.

    Then the conversation becomes about the dreaded meme stocks, which I won’t get into here, but it’s worth checking out.

    EDIT: I don’t think the sub will let me post the link so PM me if you want it.

  17. Sounds like he’s hedging against all assets, so if one of these bubbles – he will be correct. If you believe that the stock market, real estate, crypto, etc. can all collapse together with hyperinflation, then you really do not understand economics.

    Unless GDP is severely diminished with an SHTF moment, then there will be corrections (some large), but as economies grow, then the money needs to go somewhere and those economically savvy realize that is not in fiat when government policy is over-spending and printing money!

    Even the housing crash has home values higher today than just before the crash. If you are a short-term speculator, then YES worry lots. If you are a long-term investor, you know to ride it out whatever market corrections happen.

  18. Can someone check to see if Christian Bale has begun his method acting process for ‘the big short 2’ yet?

  19. Thank god i read through the thread, otherwise I’d have had no idea the crypto community knew more about the market than Burry!

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