Bill Gates drops sharply after sending Bitcoin to Elon Musk

Bill Gates, one of the richest people in the world, made statements about Bitcoin, one of the favorite topics of the last period, at Bloomberg. Regarding Elon Musk’s investment in Bitcoin, Gates said, “Be careful if you have less money than Elon.”

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, who released his new book “How to Avoid a Global Catastrophe”, became the agenda by speaking to the American press.

Speaking to Bloomberg, one of the leading media organizations in the USA, Gates gave a meaningful answer when asked about Elon Musk’s Bitcoin investments. “Elon Musk earned more money by investing in Bitcoin than any vehicle Tesla sold in 2020,” Bloomberg reporter said. To the question “What do you think about this?”, “Elon has tons of money and knows this subject. I am not concerned with Bitcoin rising and falling. But those who don’t have much money and try to get into this job worries me, ”he said.


“Bitcoin is suitable for Elon. “I don’t look at the Bitcoin issue from the top, but if you don’t have as much money as Elon, it is better to be careful.”

Gates said of Bitcoin, “We invest in things that have an output. Bitcoin consumes a lot of energy, moreover, you can make anonymous transactions without revealing your identity and the transaction you made cannot be undone. As the Gates Foundation, we invest in digital currency too. But it is clear who did what in ours. Digital currency is a good thing, ”he commented.

Gates, 65, said that digital money will make a very positive contribution to the society, not just for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin fell Elon Musk lost the worlds richest title 1

Bitcoin crashes so hard and goes up again

Bitcoin, whose price was $ 59,000 yesterday, fell below $ 49,000 today. The biggest player in the cryptocurrency market then again climbed above $ 53K levels.

The price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has dropped sharply today. In Bitcoin, which broke the record by exceeding $ 58,000 yesterday, today’s decline exceeded 16 percent and levels below $ 49,000 were seen. Later, levels of over 53 thousand dollars were seen.

With the sharp decline, the total value of the Bitcoin market also fell below $ 1 trillion.

In Bitcoin, very sharp increases have been followed by very sharp declines before.


In the news on the subject in Bloomberg, it was claimed that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s messages were effective in the decrease as well as the rise. Musk had stated the previous day that the price of Bitcoin seemed “too high”.

Tesla’s $ 1.5 billion investment, Musk’s Twitter posts and the increasing interest of institutional investors have been instrumental in the rise of Bitcoin from $ 29,000 to $ 58,000 since the beginning of the year.

In a longer term, some experts point out that the record monetary expansion of central banks around the world, especially the US Federal Reserve (Fed), during the pandemic, has been effective in increasing the values ​​of cryptocurrencies, which are speculative assets.

The largest investment bank in the USA, JPMorgan Chase & Co. In a note dated February 19, signed by his strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, he pointed to the liquidity problem in Bitcoin and warned that even small currents can cause high price movements.

Bitcoin had risen 300 percent since mid-October 2020.