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Bitcoin community planning to lend El Salvador $1 billion to de-enslave it from the IMF


Bitcoin community planning to lend El Salvador $1 billion to de-enslave it from the IMF


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  • coinfeeds-bot

    tldr; The Bitcoin community may be planning to loan El Salvador $1 billion after the Central American country made Bitcoin a legal tender. Max Keiser tweeted that Bitcoiners can arrange a “$1 billion lending facility stop-gap” for El Salvador. This comes after the International Monetary Fund expressed concerns about El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender and how the country is at the mercy of the IMF.

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  • Dry-Investment-5725

    How beautiful would that be if small countries like that had enough fck-you money to get out of the webs of the IMF tarantula.

  • infopocalypse

    Ugh! why would they take money from the IMF when doing this? The IMF clearly is in the business of indebting countries to control them. I would encourage anyone to read Confessions of an Economic Hitman. They need to cut ties with the IMF at all costs. and the president needs to put out a statement saying he wouldn’t kill himself. seriously.

  • Bitcoin_is_freedom

    Hey IMF how’s it feel to know you pay some of my salary and I’m gonna buy bitcoin with it bitches

  • AhwahneeBanff

    Funny how the US accuses China of debt trap diplomacy when it is doing the same thing via the IMF

  • jonni2toes

    The article is about a guy encouraging the bitcoin community to loan El Salvador money instead of the IMF. Coins seem far from transferred.

  • unfuckingstoppable

    The CIA really needs to get it’s act together creating false flags to smear bitcoin. When does El Salvador “gas its own people”? or “hide weapons of mass destruction”? or “interfere in US elections”? or “hack Hillary’s email server” or “incite an insurrection”? or “vote a senile geriatric into office as the most popular president ever”?

  • Marginal_Caller

    Honestly this is probably going to put El Salvador and Bitcoin on the geopolitical map.

    Its one thing to have a nation allowing a “gold-like” currency to freely circulate amongst its citizens but its another thing altogether to start issuing bonds yielding BTC.

    El Salvador can use the coins its going to be mining to offer real, competitive interest rates on these bonds. The worlds financial institutions are **DESPERATE** for yield, its why we see bubbles in every market including Blackrock going out and buying houses this year.

    El Salvador is going to be a fucking alien civilization with how rich they are going to be.

    Their bonds are going to look like a fucking penthouse compared to the dogshit bonds being bought by central banks on the bond market.

  • bladerunner2088

    I guess I’m the only cynic waiting to hear about the “mysterious” death of El Salvadors president. Lil Wayne said it best, real Gs move in silence like lasagna. Now that the IMF and USA know that ES wants to leave the dollar they will do EVERYTHING to prevent them from decoupling. They don’t want ES to create a precedent. Until Bitcoin is actually legal tender in 90 days I’m not getting my hopes up. CIA has a long history of deposing governments with leaders who don’t bend to the will of the American gov

  • kaicoder

    We want the IMF to take our bitcoin poison for want of a better word and become one of us, IMF mind will become the Bitcoin mind. I’m rambling…

  • KashRiz

    Oh the source is the same Max Keiser who said he bought a house in El Salvador but posted a pic of a house in Costa Rica & made up the oracle buying rumor. How credible

  • lunar2solar

    If that happens, expect an lSlS attack or the President using chemical weapons against his own people out of the blue for some reason… and then a subsequent US intervention for “democracy”. It’s the same pattern over and over.

  • Traditional_Till_332

    Oh damn….. the US government will be “preserving democracy” there soon. Can’t mess w the IMF👁

  • goofytigre

    >Bitcoin community planning to ~~lend~~ **GIVE** El Salvador $1 billion to de-enslave it from the IMF

  • Hopeful-Ad-3246

    I don’t think thta the people on top are going to allow it. But is a pretty good idea specially for small countries chained to other countries desaires

  • nexus974

    If Bitcoin is going to save El Salvador, and indeed the rest of the world, from the IMF it won’t be from the top down. It’ll be from the bottom up. $1 billion in Bitcoin to the government won’t save them. Financial sovereignty and sound money, the promise of Bitcoin, in the hands of the people will save them…and us.

  • JPM503

    This won’t happen… and if it does it won’t be used for what’s intended. That guy has made so much noise and he hasn’t even managed to be transparent about the purchases during the pandemic. He even made a law so no investigation can be done on those, are you sure this is the right thing to do instead of just, like, giving us the industrial education and infrastructure? Nayib will keep lending more money if he just gets it that easily.

  • cthulhucathedral

    How depraved is it for the IMF to, predictably, come out and say “oooh no you can’t act like a sovereign state and do that, stop! We own you, you’re not allowed to stop being poor or we will have to buy fewer yachts”

    FUCK the fascist IMF cabal of economic terrorists. I’ll absolutely donate to El Salvador’s efforts.

  • PJ_Maximus

    Not a bad idea. If China, US or other big banks can do it for their OWN interest, why not Bitcoin community to promote it Go for it. I think this is the way!.

  • jamie2234

    can’t wait to get sanctioned and my funds frozen when the White House declares El Salvador a state sponsor of terrorism for opposing USD hegemony lol … transparent ledgers *puke*

  • walloon5

    Also, I just remembered, because of FACTA reporting — it would be really really convenient if somehow we’re not directly investing in El Salvador, but we were somehow investing in something that was inside the United States, but represented an investment in El Salvador.

    Like maybe a Coinbase Volcano bond fund, that could be domiciled in the US but help El Salvador.

  • ztsmart

    Step 1: Borrow $1B from IMF

    Step 2: Buy $1B worth of BTC

    Step 3: Switch to Bitcoin standard

    Step 4: Profit out the ass

  • cjbrannigan

    “Resource limit reached Error 508”. It’s either an insanely popular article or a suspiciously busy one.

  • Bitcoin_badger1

    Please do it. It can be in bond , defi or any other form, as long as it’s built on BTC and given in BTC.


    If Bitcoin is El Salvadoran legal tender, does that affect US tax treatment? Could this reclassify it as a currency rather than an asset?

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