Bitcoin Promoter Michael Saylor’s Net Asset Overtakes Gold Promoter Peter Schiff


bitcoin destekcisi michael saylorin net degeri altin destekcisi peter schiffi geride birakti

Peter Schiff, the leading anti-Bitcoin fund manager and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, which prefers gold as a store of value, announced on his Twitter account that Michael Saylor has outstripped his own net worth.

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Saylor is a prominent Bitcoin proponent and CEO of MicroStrategy, the first publicly traded company to put Bitcoin on its balance sheet in August 2020 and continues to do so this year.

That’s not the only metric Saylor has outpaced Schiff lately, however.

Restored His Old Position With Bitcoin

According to data from Forbes, Michael Saylor’s net worth in 2021 corresponds to $2 billion (as of June 5). Currently Saylor, Forbes’ Crypto Rich List 2021 4th on the list and Billionaires 2021 It ranks 1362 on the list.

Michael Saylor was a billionaire in the late 1990s due to the success of MicroStrategy and his stake in the company. One of the most well-known corporate executives who made a fortune thanks to the internet bubble.

However, Saylor later lost his billionaire status. However, according to Forbes data, he managed to get back to his old position by purchasing 17,732 Bitcoins (a personal purchase) for about $175 million in October last year. In October 2020, Bitcoin was trading in the $10,000 region and had risen to $15,000 by November.

Net Worth of Gold Supporter Peter Schiff

As for Peter Schiff, various online sources indicate his net worth in early 2021 was equal to $150 million but has now dropped to $70 million.

Peter Schiff is a gold supporter, not a Bitcoin. Gold hit a high of $1,954 on January 5, then dropped to $1,678 on March 8, and after a brief rally, dropped back to $1,686 on March 30. On June 4, the gold price closed at $1,837 an ounce.

However, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital believes that this huge gap between Saylor and himself may not last long. “Bitcoin fixes this” Schiff hints that Saylor’s net worth could shrink significantly if Bitcoin continues to depreciate.

However, Saylor’s Twitter follower count has exceeded 1 million. Schiff has around 500,000 followers.