Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI. The hackers cloud server was subpoenaed by the FBI and the coins were recovered that way.


Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI. The hackers cloud server was subpoenaed by the FBI and the coins were recovered that way.


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31 thoughts on “Bitcoin was not hacked by the FBI. The hackers cloud server was subpoenaed by the FBI and the coins were recovered that way.”

  1. You mean to tell me that the omnipotent & omnipresent US FedGov goons are not yet able to reverse the RIPEMD-160, SHA256 and the Public-Private key ECDSA cryptography — to derive the key from the address ?
    That they spend trillions of dollars of taxes collected from slaves in order to write an email to the cloud provider?

  2. That price drop has nothing to do with the btc hack. Btc is being heavily shorted right now and they are using that story as an excuse.

    I was watching the doj press briefing and btc price did not move at all. The price drop happened about 2 hours afterwords.

    You can tell it’s being shorted by how steep the drops are. They are purposely done that way to create panic and trigger stop loss orders.

  3. No one notices that the CIA (again) claims to have “hacked” Bitcoin, and the IRS is (again) fishing for more regulation just after ATH, widespread adoption by companies and billionaire investors, banks and analysts saying BTC should be a part of any stable portfolio and multiple countries looking to allow BTC as legal tender?

    The US is up to no good as usual, and it will not harm BTC as usual. Ignore it and stack up.

  4. Wait. So the criminals aren’t master crypto experts who made no mistakes while committing their perfect crime, and the security of Bitcoin remains uncompromised??

    Someone tell the FUDsters in this subreddit spreading bullshit fear and lies based on conspiracy theories.

  5. How did the FBI trace the public bitcoin address of the wallet to the rented cloud server? When the wallet posted a transaction to the bitcoin network using the public address, did the bitcoin node(s) report the IP address of the sender to the FBI? Does the FBI monitor IP traffic to and from all bitcoin nodes? I’d really like to understand how this was done. Perhaps the hackers need to use TOR to perform transactions.

  6. So these criminals put private keys on a cloud server? That’s some next level stupidity right there. The security of the pipeline corporation must be even worse then. MS-DOS level?

  7. Not hacked, but still shows the dangers of being your own bank. Yes everyone can take better precautions than dumb criminals but offline wallets are still not a great solution for truly mainstream adoption.

    People trust banks not because they think their money is gaining value, but because banks are insured and pros are handling the security.

  8. What’s the wallet address they found the coins in? It should be findable based on known information, and it would be fun to explore the blockchain to and from that address ourselves. (based on approx size and timing, the last digits of the public key in the subpoena, and other known info)

  9. Oh wow, felt like some of us dodged a bullet there, if FBI didn’t take swift action some of the wallets would be doomed. Mostly the whales I guess?

  10. Can someone explain to me how they got access to a wallet via a cloud server?

    Does that mean they had there keys saved there or something?

  11. Who really knows except the people who recovered the BTC. This is all pure speculation. For all we know, the NSA, CIA, etc have been targeting DarkSide through other means and covertly installed malware on some of their systems that works just like RansomWare, except instead of stealing files and asking for $, it steals screenshots of data it flags as important, such as private keys, as well as keylogs and such. We really have no idea. Even if they announced how they did it, it could be a lie. The government often lies or purposely misleads us.

  12. Odd how that news breaks yesterday and we all wake up with AWS and Cloudfare down…

  13. FBI tracked the transactions to a wallet that belonged to a brokerage where the hackers stored the money they received, filed a court order, and gained access to the brokerage. That simple!

  14. Ok ok ok, everyone keeps talking about how stupid these hackers are…and they are, cause really…they left their stolen btc on a public server, so dumb…but no one is talking about how colonial pipeline got hacked by these retards (apologies for using the R word) So what I’m really trying to say is…the businesses running our energy supply are utterly unprepared for an actual professional hacker group. And that is not good…no sir, not good at all. If this was a govt conspiracy operation I don’t think this is the intended message they’d like to project to the world. Basically the operation says “hey hackers, yeah so you probably could shut down our entire energy grid with ransom ware, but if you demand payment in BTC and you put it on a public server like an idiot…we’ll definitely get some of that BTC back.

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