Thursday, January 6

Bitcoin Will Hit $288,000 | PlanB, Creator Of Stock-To-Flow Model Explains Why



With over 25 years of experience in institutional investing, PlanB migrated his skills over to the world of cryptocurrencies, creating Bitcoin’s famous Stock-to-Flow price predictive model. Praised around the world for its stellar accuracy, PlanB predicts that Bitcoin will hit $288K or even higher during the current cycle. PlanB’s confidence in the model is so strong that he believes the leading cryptocurrency is more likely to reach $250K or $300K than it is to plateau around $100k during this cycle.


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  • SalamandaGrill

    I want to believe, but I think the fallout from Covid is going to cap it to £100k.

    I think institutions have bought, and are in the process of buying, and it’ll all appear on their balance sheets shortly. Retail will have another go, but that will be later in the year. There’s definitely going to be another run but I think it will get hit by the global fallout of inflation and interest rate rises.

    I’m hodling and buying more. I just can’t see how the market cap can ballon like that while a global pandemic is going on. And then stay inflated when the rest of the world economy is on fire.

  • irresponsible_owl

    > creating Bitcoin’s famous Stock-to-Flow price predictive model.

    He didn’t create the stock to flow model, he just applied it to Bitcoin.

  • PhotoProxima

    According to the s2f model from just a few weeks ago, today’s price is basically impossible so I think the entire model is probably wishful thinking.

    Also, the “shortage building up” has a big, fat IF attached to it. There’s a shortage building up IF people want to buy BTC. The whole thing seems based on the assumption that Demand stays strong which you can’t assume. That’s simply unknown.

  • piggleii

    I posted this elsewhere, but not too long ago PlanB was doxxed. It sucks that he was doxxed, but the doxxer revealed that he was just some junior staff at an investment firm, not someone with “over 25 years of experience in institutional investing”.

    PlanB did not actually refute this claim, and only denounced the doxxing act itself. And why would he actually condemn the fact that he was doxxed unless the doxxer was accurate in his doxxing. It would be different if PlanB said, “LOL! That’s not me, you idiot.” Instead, he was more like, “You filthy doxxer. You’re a very bad person.”

    Make of that what you will.

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