Thursday, January 6

*** BREAKING NEWS *** Decrypt Exclusive: Dogecoin Developers Say They’ve Been Working with Elon Musk Since 2019



I am hoping what this means when you put it all together is that he planned to replace BTC with DOGE as accepted payment at Tesla all along. He’s just waiting to get the energy cost of DOGE down from 7% to under 1% of BTC. Guys, this has been planned for years and it’s all coming together as the DOGEFATHER masterplan! HODL!!!


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  • Mr_Nobody_1981

    Just read the link – theres loads more promising info in there like getting listed on coinbase in 4-6 weeks hopefully in time for an energy-consumption-cutting DOGE upgrade. Oh and a little while back a DOGE whale wallet was discovered from years ago that all strangely pointed at Elon Musk like the amount he bought on his birthday matched his actual birthday date, etc … You put it all together and the case for DOGE=TESLA just gets stronger and stronger. And once that takes root, it’s gonna be a snowballing effect … unstoppable … WOOF WOOF 😛

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