Thursday, January 6

BTC past 35k? That calls for a $10k giveaway. Phoenix is ready to resuscitate your bags in a primed market


With BTC blasting past $35k on what have been bloody Sundays, placing the original token on the road to recovery, our eyes look to the next generation.

Having updated the original SafeMoon contract to create even safer price floors and rework several contract vulnerabilities that have cropped up in review these past couple of months, $PHX offers the latest and greatest version of the most successful memecoin contract on BSC.

As several new contenders have risen in the past few weeks that have raced past $100M, $PHX will be the next to 10x and 100x after the initial launch boom with it’s ever-present marketing, quick rollout, and HUGE giveaways ready and waiting.

These will, along with several random giveaways of physical items (3 iPhone 12’s first), be doled out as the price of BTC slowly rises. So with 35k trounced, the Phoenix Protocol will be handing out $10,000 to a lucky winner of their next Gleam contest.

Brilliant in conception and timing, you can check out the BTC-based giveaway map on their polished site with hype videos and graphics gracing every corner.

Following the meta at each turn, this token offers just the type of upside you want to see when the market is displaying such volatility while slowly trending upwards. A professional team that has demonstrated commitment to a budding project that has an insane amount of room to run.

At a $4M market cap, that’s exactly how early you are to a token that has only begun to get proper listings. The hype has driven it this far, imagine where it goes once all the news and developments start to flow in.

And as this holder count swells, excitement builds, and people start to truly believe in the future of both this project and cryptocurrency as a whole, expect this Phoenix to crank up the temperature and really show you what it means to overheat a market.

From there, nothing can stop this firebird from scorching to $1B. The only question is whether you’ll still be cooking, or if you’re just not strong enough to take the heat.




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  • yellowmellow1012

    Phoenix is seriously looking like it’s heating up fast. Giveaways are the bsc meta right now and they seem to be focusing on it hard. Plus the branding is on point and updates rolling out fast. Considering this is a brand new coin and very undervalued right now this could be a huge opportunity for investors to make big profits if this is going where I think it’s going. I ride with the Phoenix now bros.

  • bwangggg

    They’re currently giving away incredible amounts of money every time, the code is a safemoon fork which it’s safe, liquidity is burned and ownership is renounced. I feel like this is a safe play

  • sami37

    During the current bearish times, it’s very unlikely to pull off huge volume. PHX managed to do it and still hold an insane resistance level. For a project that is only a couple hours old, this is so mind boggling to me. Very happy with my little investment into phoenix right now.

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