Monday, October 25

Can’t think about more bullish news than this. A survey with 100 hedge funds concluded that CFOs plan to allocate over 7% of their portfolios in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by 2026. We are not only here to stay, we are here to dominate

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Can’t think about more bullish news than this. A survey with 100 hedge funds concluded that CFOs plan to allocate over 7% of their portfolios in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by 2026. We are not only here to stay, we are here to dominate


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  • TheWolfAndTheCity

    Everybody knows that cryptos will be very big in the fufure but governments want to steal more so it doesn’t benefit them.

  • coinfeeds-bot

    tldr; Large hedge funds expect to increase their cryptocurrency holdings to 7% in five years, according to a survey conducted by the Financial Times. This comes after the increased involvement from prominent names like Stan Druckenmiller, Paul Tudor Jones III, and SkyBridge Capital. However, digital asset purchases still remain limited to clients that have a high-risk tolerance.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  • Acceptable_Novel8200

    Warning : Hedge Funds shud not play their Short game in Crypto,they will be royally fucked.

  • rpaverion

    Expect even more market manipulation in the coming years. The hedge funds aren’t going to buy at high prices. They’ll create the dips themselves.

  • diggipiggi

    Once the hedge funds get in more crypto gets shorted. Than we will see SEC in crypto. It’s far better now.

  • Blendzi0r

    Oh yes, survey among hedge funds is definitely a very reliable source of information.

    They love to share all their exact plans with the public.

  • tuna_pannini

    How is this bullish? Is big money in crypto not a sign of a takeover and manipulating crap out of it?

  • diarpiiiii

    First it was 2%. Now 5%. Maybe one day 7%.

    Maybe this is the Flippening we’ve been waiting for, where institutional “experts” at major banks (or at least their resident ‘crypto specialists’ for customers) suggest allocating a small, safe percentage in assets that are not crypto, such as the traditional stock market.

    2030: “People thought Bitcoin was the new bond market as a hedge against inflation. Turns out it was the other way around”

  • haroon43_

    Nice, lets over leverage the crypto market more than it already is…and when their short fails its the retail investors that will suffer

  • Fru1tsPunchSamurai_G

    That means one thing for us boys…accumulate and HODL. Next 10 years is a promising decade for those who are patient

  • cryms0n

    I imagine that 100 hedge funds concluding that CFOs plan to allocate over **8%** of their portfolios to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by 2026 would be more bullish news than your headline.

  • Substantial-Curve-51

    im unsubscribing from this sub. seems like a bunch of angsty teens writing so much idiotic shit every day more and more. bye

  • Xenu4u

    We are not only here to dominate, but we’re here to dominate before they even get any skin in the game!

  • JuicyOranjez

    They’ll keep on the down low how much they actually plan to buy to give them time to accumulate more. They’ll announce they ‘plan’ to allocate much more after they’ve already done it

  • shadowdash66

    Just a reminder that if you’re here and you’ve invest an amount…any amount into crypto specially BTC you are way ahead of the curve. With talks of a recession there’s still people who think putting money in a savings account is the way to go, dont be those people.

  • Hame_BiH

    I know that Bitcoin is gonna make it big, much bigger than it is now but I would be interested in knowing would hedge funds buy anything other than BTC?

  • SenseiRaheem

    7% of their wealth has to be some insanely stupid amount. For me it’s more like what’s 7% of $7.

  • bIoop321IllIl1

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope this happens however “plan to allocate” is not the same as “will allocate”. Hedge funds are slimy and will say anything if they think it’ll help themselves somehow. Being supportive of crypto is definitely a good sign though

  • Tokamak00

    Ah yes, hedge funds, the most stable and trustworthy of all financial institutions.

    *GFC 2.0 likelihood intensifies*

  • DrPechanko

    Yay hedge funds to save the day. F-ing scum
    of earth wall street rug pullers, 1 per centers, and dirtbag white collar criminal bankers!

    Goldman sachs, who caused the crash of 2008!

    Bullish until its not bullish. Hedge fund managers are basically the devil in human skin.

  • titros2tot

    Hedge funds in = decentralization out

    I hate to say but 7% isn’t domination. These hedge funds are here to manipulate the markets and kick the smallest of us out.

  • _goodmane

    There are already a bunch of crypto ETFs and investment institutions like Galaxy Digital.

    They will always figure out a vehicle to extract wealth from the little guy. 🙁

  • sfgisz

    Before: Crypto will save us from these scamming hedge funds and big banks!

    Now: Crypto is real because hedge funds and big banks are buying it!

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