Cardano (ADA) Founder Hoskinson Reveals 3 Reasons Why Cardano Outperforms Ethereum 2.0


cardano ada kurucusu hoskinson cardanonun ethereum 2 0dan ustun olmasinin 3 nedeni acikladi

While Cardano is often referred to as an ‘Ethereum Killer’, Hoskinson told Yahoo Finance, replacing Ethereum’s existing proof of work blockchain with Ethereum 2.0, a new proof of stake renewal. “He killed himself” says.

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Hoskinson said that Cardano is the market leader in proof of stake and “Leading the struggle” claims:

“We are leading this struggle. We entered the market first… The engine does not make a BMW a BMW. It’s part of it, but you need a whole ecosystem, a whole collection of things. ”

Management, Interoperability and User Bases

The creator of Cardano says ETH 2.0 has “bowed” to governance and that this will make it harder for the ecosystem to thrive after its founders retire or lose their credibility. Hoskinson cited Bitcoin, which he compared to a “wood-powered steam engine,” as an example of a very slow developing system:

“You have Bitcoin core developers desperate to improve the system: even if the core developers want to implement multiple improvements such as smart contracts and side chains, they can’t do anything.”

Meanwhile, as Hoskinson points out, enabling on-chain management is a vital part of his project’s roadmap.

He also says that Ethereum is less interoperable than protocols like Cardano, Polkadot, Cosmos, which create special provisions for side chains.

Finally, he claims that ETH 2.0 and Cardano have different user bases on different technologies and philosophies:

“We are bringing in millions of people in Africa that seem Ethereum doesn’t care …”