Cardano Reaches An Important Milestone With Its 1 Million ADA Wallet


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The number of ADA wallets has increased fivefold in 2021.

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According to an announcement by the Cardano Foundation, the Proof-of-Stake blockchain network Cardano has exceeded 1 million ADA wallets. The cryptocurrency community witnessed impressive growth in 2021. As of January 1, there were only 203,519 ADA wallets, which means the number of addresses has increased almost fivefold since the beginning of the year.

While the ADA is currently down 47.85 percent from its all-time high of $ 2.45 on May 16, the token is still 691 percent higher year-to-date.

Given that the launch of the Alonzo hardfork, which is expected to take place this August, will eventually bring smart contracts to the leading PoS blockchain network, a new wind is expected for Cardano.