Cell phones banned in schools in China to focus students on lessons

In China, the use of mobile phones in schools has been banned in order to focus students on studying and combat internet and game addiction.

The Ministry of Education of China has issued a directive banning the use of mobile phones by students in schools in the country.

According to the report in the South China Morning Post (SCMP), it was stated in the directive issued by the ministry that the ban, which will apply to both primary and secondary schools, was introduced to eliminate internet and game addiction and to help students focus their attention on studying. However, it was stated that students must have a written permission from the school and parental consent to be able to bring a phone to the school.

The directive also noted that the aforementioned ban aims to support the physical and psychological development of students.

However, the ministry announced that teachers would also be prohibited from assigning homework on mobile phones or asking students to complete their homework on mobile phones, a practice that has become popular in recent years.

The directive instructed schools to install more pay phones and find other ways for students to talk to their parents without relying on their cell phones.

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Young population in China is fond of technology

According to a report published by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) last year, there were 175 million internet users in China in 2019, and 74 percent of them own mobile devices.

In the report, it was stated that mobile phone users in this group mostly used their devices for work, listening to music and playing games.

Speaking to the SCMP, Liu Yanping, first branch manager of the Beijing National Day School, criticized the ban and said it was unwise to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

‘You can’t get them off the internet so easily’

Liu argued that it is acceptable to ban primary school-age children from taking cell phones to school because they are self-disciplined, but older students should be allowed to spend reasonable time on their devices with their parents’ consent, and “the digital age, you can’t get them off the Internet so easily.”

Liu said that in order to overcome vision problems and game addiction problems, the authorities need to reduce students ‘course load, adding that mobile phones are not the primary factors to blame for students’ having more free time to play sports.

Wu Hong, a researcher at Chongqing-based education think tank Dett in southwestern China, said SCMP Liu’s cell phone.


‘Children should be told the difference between virtual and real worlds instead of ban’

“Rather than prohibiting schools, schools ought to invest more energy telling youngsters the contrast between the genuine and virtual universes; the distinction among great and terrible, and to build up their restraint abilities,” said Wu.

In any case, the service’s guidance likewise gives off an impression of being generally upheld.

In a study distributed by Thecover.cn on Weibo, 54 percent of in excess of 1,900 respondents said they trusted it was superfluous for understudies to take cells to class. Moreover, in excess of a fourth of the overview respondents requested a more adaptable strategy, while 20% said that cell phones ought to be permitted nearby.

The discussion about prohibiting phones in schools isn’t restricted to China. In 2018, a law was established in France where kids younger than 15 were restricted from utilizing mobile phones in schools. Then again, the utilization of cell phones was precluded in all kindergartens, elementary schools and auxiliary schools in Greece.