Celo Network Now Available in Metamask with Donut Hardfork


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As an open blockchain ecosystem, Celo aims to take decentralized finance (DeFi) to the next level, while also making financial tools accessible to anyone using a mobile phone.

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The Celo community was excited about the “Donut” hard fork that happened the day before. Likewise, CELO had a significant rise between May 16 and 18, reaching the level of $ 6.70.

What Does Donut Offer?

The most popular Ethereum DeFi wallet reaching 5 million users has become compatible with Celo’s Donut hardfork. Users can now choose Celo as a network instead of Ethereum when using MetaMask. So what advantages will this provide to users?

  • Ethereum transactions are slow, gas fees are high, but Celo offers fast, low gas fees and scalability.
  • Access to different ecosystems is a plus for the Ethereum community, allowing users to interact with different chains.
  • Celo benefits from MetaMask’s 5 million users and an even larger Ethereum community.

Donut Hardfork also provides new access for those who want to build things, extends the usability of users Celo to the tools they are already using, and adds more legitimacy to Celo, which contributes to the blockchain ecosystem.

Collaboration of Metamask and Celo

Today, MetaMask, the world’s most popular digital wallet and Web3 gateway available for desktop and mobile devices, is on the Celo platform. Millions of users around the world are using MetaMask to securely discover, store and send digital assets, securely interact with third-party sites without exposing unnecessary data, and get the best prices on a wide variety of digital tokens.

This functionality was made possible by Donut Hardfork, which was recently enabled on Mainnet. The capability to support Ethereum compatible transactions has been introduced to the Celo protocol. With MetaMask, Ethereum developers can now more easily create and migrate dApps on the Celo blockchain by taking advantage of some familiar tools.

Please note: MetaMask does not natively support compatibility with Celo or other non-Ethereum networks – consequently setting MetaMask to work with Celo will require user configuration and will cause some limitations for users. Therefore, it is recommended that only advanced crypto users and developers use MetaMask for interaction on Celo.


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