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China also bans Binance: How has Bitcoin and ethereum been affected?

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, came to the fore with the news of the ban in China. The company’s site cannot be accessed.

While the depreciation of cryptocurrencies continued, China banned Binance after the UK.

China Bans Binance, Countries Ban Cryptocurrencies

China also bans Binance How has Bitcoin and ethereum been affected

Cryptocurrency markets are generally having quiet days. Bitcoin, whose value has been between 30-36 thousand dollars recently, causes it to be stagnant in other units. However, this situation seems to get worse with new ban news.

China, which has waged war on cryptocurrencies and everything related, is using more and more aggressive methods. The Asian country, which first banned mining activities, is now after the stock markets. According to the information received, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, came to the fore with the news of the ban in China.

Colin Wu, one of the popular names in the crypto money world, announced that as of July 8, the Binance site could not be reached. Taking the measures to the extreme, China also blocked the API and cut off access to the mobile application of the stock market. Users who want to access the popular cryptocurrency exchange from China need to use a VPN.

After the UK, China also banned Binance

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After the UK, a ban on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange came from China. Accordingly, China has brought a blocking of access to Binance’s site in the country.

While Bitcoin is at the level of 33 thousand 622 dollars with a slight increase at 19.00, an increase of 2.11 percent compared to yesterday, ethereum is at the level of 18 thousand 850 dollars with a daily increase of 1.89 percent.

Despite the ban on Binance, Binance’s cryptocurrency Binance Coin did not lose value. According to the data at 19.00, Binance Coin/Tetherus rose 2.27 percent to $317.18.

China has imposed a ban on Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Cryptocurrency blogger Colin Wu has extended the cryptocurrency ban to include Binance.

Also, APIs have been blocked. There has been no change in the transactions of exchanges rivaling Binance in China so far.

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