Chinese Tesla owners begin to install camera system on the pedal assembly of their vehicles

Chinese Tesla owners have announced that they have started to install a camera system on the pedal assembly of their vehicles.

Complaining that the autopilot and brake system are not working properly, Chinese Tesla owners install a camera system on the pedal system of their vehicles to prove that they are free in case of an accident.

Chinese Tesla owners announced a new feature

Chinese Tesla owners complain that the autopilot and braking system of their electric cars are not working properly. After the negative events, vehicle owners started to install a camera system on the pedal system of their cars in order to prove their innocence in case of an accident.

As you may remember, there was a shocking protest against Tesla at the Shanghai auto show. A woman attending the fair said that she had an accident with a Model 3 car by standing on a car at the Tesla booth with a t-shirt with “Defective Brakes” on it and returned from death with her family due to a failure in the braking system.

Tesla stated that the woman named Zhang Yazhou will not make concessions until the claims of the woman are proven with documents. After the events, the Chinese government intensified pressure for Tesla to address quality problems in the country. The electric automaker later apologized for not taking into account the protester woman’s complaints earlier, but refused to refund the price of the car, which allegedly had a malfunction in the braking system.

Chinese Tesla owners believe that they can prove their innocence by recording pedal actions. The published photos revealed that many users in the country started to take action with the camera system pointed at the brake pedal.

In this way, the Chinese will present evidence of the crash with the use of the brake pedal to prove that they are not guilty if they are involved in any accident with their car. These actions undoubtedly show that there is a serious distrust of Tesla in the country. Damage to the company’s image can also undermine sales in the Chinese market.