Clubhouse kept its promise to Android users


Popular voice chat app ClubhouseAbout a year after being released on the iOS operating system, it finally Android started to serve its users. As of today, mobile users from all over the world can download the platform from app stores.

Clubhouse promised to distribute the application to Android users gradually, in its announcement on social media at the beginning of the week. Accordingly, the application was opened to access in Japan, Brazil and Russia on Tuesday. First Nigeria and India, then the whole world service on Friday Google Play Storestarted downloading from.

Clubhouse's current download number has been announced

Clubhouse’s current download number has been announced

Market research company Sensor Tower shared new statistics about the Clubhouse application. It has been learned that the number of downloads of the platform is on the decline.

How to register with Clubhouse on Android?

Android users who want to register to Clubhouse and have pleasant conversations can log in to the platform by completing the following steps:

  1. First of all, you need to download the application to your device.
  2. You are asked to choose your username, then verify your account via SMS.
  3. At this point, you will enter the waiting list. However, if you find an invitation, your membership process will be completed faster.
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Just like the iOS app, Clubhouse welcomes newly registered users on the waiting list in the Android version. However, it also allows them to join the entertainment by receiving an invitation code from another user.

Once inside, users can engage in conversations over business and interests such as technology, literature, cinema, culture, arts and politics. In addition, they can follow the participants they like and have the chance to see which rooms they have attended.

What does the Clubhouse look like on Android?

The Clubhouse application for Android, which does not make a radical change in terms of design, is presented to the user with an interface as follows:


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