CNBC Changes Ripple To XRP


CNBC is now offering the data as XRP instead of the Ripple name, after being warned by the company’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse on Twitter.

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America’s leading economics channel, CNBC, won the hearts of token holders by changing “Ripple” to “XRP” in a real-time snapshot of cryptocurrency prices. This comes after Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse made a personal call to the channel on Twitter following his May 29 interview.

Was It a Problem?

While the issue may seem trivial at first glance, it is the crux of the company’s ongoing legal battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. While Ripple draws parallels with De Beers’ diamonds and Chevron’s oil, it insists it does not control XRP, which it claims is a technically independent cryptocurrency.

However, the SEC claims that Ripple has created a market for “Ripple Loans” (the original name for XRP) to sell it as a no-list security and make “enormous profits.” Ripple currently holds 6.1 billion XRP, while 47.7 billion tokens are locked in escrow.