Coinbase Debit Card Will Now Work With Apple Pay



With the integration between Coinbase and Apple Pay, Coinbase Card can be used on iPhones.

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Coinbase said in a statement that Coinbase’s Visa card will be synchronized with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The Coinbase debit card works by converting users’ balances in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) to fiat at the point of payment. Thus, it allows payment with cryptocurrencies at any merchant that accepts cards. It stands out especially with its promise of 4% in Stellar (XLM) and 1% in Bitcoin. Most debit cards do not have any repayment program.

Competition heats up in the industry for crypto payments. Mastercard and Gemini are continuing their preparations to issue a 3% Bitcoin credit card. It is known that BlockFi is also in this type of work.

Coinbase stated in a statement it made today that approved users can start using their cards with Apple Pay immediately.