Coinbase Pro Announces Listing 3 More Altcoins


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Coinbase Pro continues to increase its cryptocurrencies. The exchange has now announced that they will list three new altcoins.

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Coinbase Pro announced that it has listed Keep Network (KEEP), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Chiliz (CHZ) tokens.

According to the statement made by the exchange, users will be able to transfer these three altcoins to Coinbase Pro wallets starting today. However, trading will start at 19:00 on Thursday, June 17, if the liquidity conditions are met.

These cryptocurrencies can be used in all regions where Coinbase is present, except for Singapore and New York.

When sufficient supply of CHZ, KEEP and SHIB is provided on the platform, the pairs CHZ/USD, CHZ/EUR, CHZ/GBP, CHZ/USDT, KEEP/USD, SHIB/USD and SHIB/USDT can be traded.


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