Company Receiving 800 Million Dollars From Bitcoin Investors Complained To Brazilian President

Claiming that he was defrauded by Atlas Quantum, a Bitcoin investor went to Brazil’s capital, Brasilia, and called to President Jair Bolsonaro to bring the event to the agenda.

Bitcoin investor Gilliard Jorge directly complained to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro about Atlas Quantum, which raised a total of about $ 1 billion from tens of thousands of investors.

200,000 people invested around the world

A company called Atlas Quantum started providing cryptocurrency trading services in 2017. According to Livecoins, people were making up to 4% of the Bitcoins they sent here.

The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, as a result of its investigations in 2019, decided that the service offered was classified as a collective investment contract and that the company operates unrecorded.

Company Receiving 800 Million Dollars From Bitcoin Investors Complained To Brazilian President

Investors requested withdrawal from the company following this decision from the regulator. Atlas Quantum, which had collected more than 10,000 Bitcoins from investors until then, could not meet this demand and stopped its withdrawals completely.

The company took the remaining money of users and produced a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Quantum. Their value was hundreds of times lower compared to Bitcoin.

According to CNN’s news dated March 2021, Atlas Quantum has received approximately 15,000 Bitcoins from more than 200,000 people around the world. Their current exchange rate exceeds $ 800 million.

Among the victims are people who sent the $ 55,000 compensation they received from a lawsuit to the company and bought $ 8,500 of Bitcoin with the money of that period through Atlas Quantum.

Gilliard Jorge went to complain to the President

One of these victims, Gilliard Jorge, went to Brasília on Wednesday to raise the case that has not been resolved for 2 years.

The investor, who also shared the incident on his YouTube channel, complained about Atlas Quantum’s CEO, Rodrigo Marques, to President Bolsonaro. According to local news sources Jorge said:

“Mr. President, I am one of those people who have invested all their savings in Atlas Quantum and the owner of the company Rodrigo Marques. In the midst of the pandemic… 40,000 families lost their money have money in this man. ”

Reappeared after 2019

Investors who were victimized in Brazil came across a hint of Marques’ trail, thought to be missing since 2019, in the middle of this month.

Victims gathered in front of a luxury residence in São Paulo, according to local news outlets Bitcoin Portal. Although the victims waited in front of the house for days, it was reported that Marques was not seen.

Atlas Quantum rejected the claim that the company is a pyramid scheme and said, “It should not be forgotten that many investors make money thanks to Atlas Quantum.” says.