Critical Proposal for Bitcoin (BTC) Mining from a Member of the EU Parliament



In an interview with Funke Mediengruppe, German politician Sven Giegold, a member of the European Union Parliament, asked to limit the amount of energy used for Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

“While cryptocurrencies were like little sandbox games, there was no need for any regulation. In addition, it was necessary to make room for new technological elements. However, if transactions such as Bitcoin mining become an ecological threat, it must be addressed. “

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According to Giegold’s claim, Bitcoin’s carbon footprint increases global greenhouse gas emissions and harms the German economy.

According to Giegold, a regulation needs to be made for mining operations. He also thinks that this issue should be included in the EU agenda.

While Europe bans fossil fuels, Giegold thinks they are more useful than Bitcoin.

“A car can get at least one person from point A to point B.”

Since Giegold is an important member of Germany’s pro-ecological Green Party, his statements were not greeted with surprise in the community.