Crypto Exchange BitMEX To Be Carbon Neutral


kripto para borsasi bitmex karbon notr olacak

The number of cryptocurrency businesses adopting carbon neutral practices is growing. Leading cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX has also pledged to offset its carbon emissions, according to a statement released Friday.

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The cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX made an announcement on Friday. Saying it will be carbon neutral, the business announced that it will donate at least $ 0.0026 for every $ 1 blockchain fee that users don’t pay. The stock market used the following statements on the subject:

“Recently, very different views have been raised on cryptocurrencies and energy consumption, and a great review has been made as to whether the information is correct. We cannot pretend we have the answers, but we know it is our responsibility to take positive action. ”

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, another prestigious cryptocurrency exchange, was also involved in the discussion and said:

“There is no shame in imitating this positive initiative”

The firm also stated that the move was a good start:

“Carbon offsetting practices aren’t the only answer to concerns about cryptocurrency’s environmental footprint, but it’s definitely a good start.”

Only 39% of the Bitcoin Network Runs on Renewable Energy

According to the University of Cambridge, only 39% of the Bitcoin network is powered by renewable energy. The carbon footprint generated by this non-renewable part corresponds to over 60 billion pounds of burned coal, the average electricity consumed by 9 million homes annually, or 238 billion miles driven by an average passenger car. These numbers can be concretized as follows: Pluto is the furthest distance from Earth at 4.6 miles.