Deez Nuts NFT Collection Celebrates 1 Year

Written By Eleman

It has been exactly one year since the Deez Nuts NFT collection announced its project on July 4, 2021. However, Deez Nuts NFT has not yet achieved the desired success.

What are Deez Nuts?

Well assuming you’re an energetic NFT gatherer and lover like me, you presumably have!

Deez Nuts are an entertaining assortment of haphazardly created NFTs on the Etherium (ETH) blockchain comprising of north of 10,000 haphazardly gathered Nuts from more than 500,000 all out choices.

It is a task between the gigantically fruitful The Doge Pound and a group of craftsmen, advertisers and game designers set up.

Deez Nuts means to bring issues to light for testicular disease so a piece of all continues will go towards assisting those enduring with testicular malignant growth and malignant growth research.

Deez Nuts NFT Collection Celebrates 1 Year

What is it that I want to purchase a Deez Nuts NFT?

In the first place, you should have a MetaMask wallet. Visit MetaMask Support for a thorough aide on setting up a wallet.

Second, you should have Ether (ETH) in your MetaMask wallet. Once more, MetaMask has a direct aide for purchasing ETH on this page.

Third, you should have an OpenSea account. Click here for an exhaustive aide on making an OpenSea account that you can use for purchasing Deez Nuts.

What’s more, when you have stacked your MetaMask wallet with ETH and associated it to your OpenSea account, you can at last get a few nuts!

Snoop Dogg

In late March 2021, Snoop Dogg announced his first NFT collection titled “A Journey with the Dogg,” the culmination of the rapper’s early memories merging with the NFT medium. With eight tracks available in limited numbers, including the original track “NFT,” “Snoop Doge Coins,” “Diamond Joint,” and “Deez Nuts,” the rapper has stated that his art is “a glimpse into the life of a young teenager.” Commenting on the rise of crypto art, Snoop Dogg stated that during his ten-year career, he has seen modern technology move from analog to digital and is eager to explore the new digital space and connect with his fans. The globally recognized innovator and entrepreneur said he was excited about the concept and believed the technology would change the way artists do business.

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