Discord brings chat feature to voice chats

Discord brings the long-awaited voice chats as well as the correspondence feature.

Discord, which is the choice of millions of users, especially players, finally brings the long-awaited feature.

Discord is one of the fastest growing communication applications in recent years. The Platform, which spread rapidly especially among the players, had significant advantages over its rivals as it was free and community-oriented. Discord, which has managed to keep its rapidly gaining audience, keeps the platform alive by bringing new features from time to time.

While Discord offers a good user experience, it’s definitely not perfect. A feature that users have been waiting for years will be added to the platform soon.

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Discord offers text channels for voice chats

When you enter any server, you can see that there are text channels that support them along with audio channels. When Discord first came to distinguish between the voice channel and the text channel, developers sometimes didn’t think that things had to be written into the chat. That’s why almost every server in Discord opens a text channel to support the voice channel. The update of Discord officials, which will finally fix this situation, will be available to everyone on June 29.

The feature is already available on some servers. If you are on a server that is not set to ‘Community’, you may also be able to see the text portion of the audio channels. If you are a community administrator, you can check the server settings to see if the feature is available. Sooner or later, Discord will allow to add this feature to all servers.

We are delighted that Discord has started bringing the long-awaited features. While the platform was constantly trying different things, it wasn’t making up for the long-standing core features. We are confident that finally overcoming this problem with audio channels will provide a better experience. If you don’t want this feature on your server, you can disable it.

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