Hi Shibes,

I hope you’re all having an awesome day!

I want make sure you all are aware of this ‘rule’ that is on the sidebar.

>Moderators will not actively search for things to be removed. You have the power to bring concerns to the moderators attention by using the report button or sending modmail. It’s our ethos to be servants of the community.

Thanks for reading!

Here are some topics that people have wanted me to post here recently. Please take a look!

* [Ledger Limited Edition Dogecoin Hardware wallet to keep your coins safe offline, away from the internet](

* [Being aware of scammers](

* [F@H (Folding@Home) and GitHub are NOT Doge helplines!](

* [Advice from a Gambling Counsellor]( .

* [Looking after your mental health]( .

* [From 7 years ago. The Dogecoin Founder’s 10 Commandments.](

* Here is a list of many many many places you can spend dogecoin. This is good for the dogecoin economy. Check it out!

* A shibe wrote a post about being aware of scams. It’s worth a read here:

* BOTS! A few people have asked me to do something about bots in this subreddit mainly ones who are telling people to buy or sell. Well I might need your help with it. If you see a bot that shouldn’t be here please send a message to the mods and they will be investigated.

* Had a few people ask me to mention this petition to get Amazon to accept dogecoin. Take a look

Do you want something added here? Send the moderators modmail to discuss.

Have fun!



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