DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION – 13th May. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating!! ♪


Hi Shibes,

I can confidently say I’ve been here since the beginning and wanted to let you all know that what we’ve all seen today on the markets is nothing new. I’ve actually seen this happen before… several times. I’ve seen people reusing memes from 2014 even today.

I’ve seen it happen in mid-2014, mid 2015, early 2016, mid 2017, early 2018, late 2018, mid 2019, early 2021 and now. I’d make a bet that I will see it happen again and again too. If you are new here this could be interesting news. If you are a veteran, you will already know this.

Is Doge dead? The simple answer is… Impossible. Because of the nature of decentralized currency, it’s near on impossible to kill a coin so long as people are using it. It’s somewhat similar to a torrent. Doge has been here since 2013 and it will remain.

This is all my opinion but I believe it’s a reasonable stance based on the evidence of history. Take from it what you like. I am not a financial adviser. I’m simply an enthusiast who has been here for a very long time and want to share my thoughts.

**Day traders:** you must be stressed. It’s understandable. You can’t win every day and it happens from time to time. Coins are going to bounce back. Some will very quickly, some might take the next few days, some might take weeks and some might take longer.

**Holders:** You will be fine. History has shown that over the long term crypto has grown and there is still plenty of room to grow. You will ride over the bumps and likely continue uphill. [How Much Money Is There In The World?](,-January%201%2C%202021&text=There%20is%20approximately%20US%20%2437,and%20cryptocurrencies%20exceeds%20%241.2%20quadrillion.)

**Everyone:** You need to keep your coins safe. Don’t leave them on an old phone. Don’t leave them in a sketchy exchange. Don’t be that person who comes back later on and askes everyone how they can get their coins out of the [Mt. Gox]( exchange.

**Trolls:** This is your time to shine but if you insist on telling people you will eat your hat in the middle of time square if crypto ever recovers be aware our screenshots will never be lost and we will bring them back up in the future to laugh and create wonderful content for this subreddit.

Here are some links I think are appropriate right now.

* [Looking after your mental health](

* [From 7 years ago. An open letter to the Dogecoin community from co-founder Billy Markus](

* [Ledger – long term crypto storage wallet](

Stay Strong,
You Are Loved,


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31 thoughts on “DOGECOIN DAILY DISCUSSION – 13th May. It’s all just a little bit of history repeating!! ♪”

  1. I have to say that when folks started to come around here from WSB I thought our community was bound to go south. I now see that many of the influx have actually stayed! I’m sorry I doubted some of you guys, you have brought your enthusiasm, good will, and hard earned fortitude to Dogecoin, and to our community. Thanks for adopting the ways of this community. We go to the moon, together! 🚀🚀

  2. Down 2k today and 5k yesterday, 3k the day before. I keep waking up, checking my phone, and dying a lil bit. Still HODLing tho. I know we gone reverse soon. The top 10 cryptos were crashing this morning. It’s market manipulation. A billionaire JUST shorted doge for $ 1,000,000 , he owns CoinDesk, and advised his following to do the same or sell for btc. There’s a lot going on against what Elon is trying to do for doge right now. We are at war FAMILY. If you put up your white flag now, please do so ONLY because your Doge Bunker is running low on supplies and it’s hard for you to maintain. I understand this world is not for everyone. Do what you can afford. Wars get expensive. But in the end WE WILL WIN. The little guys here won’t get crushed.

  3. Some People keep begging for a significant dip to happen so they can buy more, but when it happens they are the first ones in panic and end up selling. I would recommend them to keep emotions under control, have plans A, B and C and execute with no regrets.

    This is a rollercoaster so fasten your seatbelts to new highs.

  4. I just made friends (NOT) on the BTC thread pointing out that Silbert shouldn’t have kicked the hive. lol. I am unwelcome there.

  5. Elon ditching Bitcoin for Tesla. Only to accept Doge as the only crypto he will accept.

  6. My average is .05 at 15k coins i see alot of people worried but just know guys that the holders that have been here arent worried at all its very stable at .40 so were in a great position here.

  7. Remember kids, diamond hands will look better than paper ones driving Tesla’s 😎🙌🏽💎💕

  8. Down 800 $. This was my first time investing in Anything. I sense people are afraid to lose money. So question, why invest in crypto? Even i know this is only for money you are prepared to lose when you press that trade button. Im small potatoes yes, but i was a long time gambler. When i walked into a casino i wanted to win, but was prepared to lose.

  9. I’m curious how many times we can bounce from .420 to .69 Doge is doing a funny on us

  10. 44 cents is nice, I just wonder when the next whale limit sell is that’ll drive the price down another 4 cents only to have to repeat the process again

  11. We need to keep pushing and fighting for Doge!!! That is how this goes up, gets accepted for payment, and becomes what we want it to. Not by just watching the charts and hoping….love you all! Have faith in Doge and spread the word!!!! 🚀🌕

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