Dogecoin May Be a Hustle, But It’s the People’s Hustle


“”Musk may have previously [sounded caution about investing in Dogecoin](, noting that it’s highly speculative, but after less than 10 seconds of dialogue on the iconic show, the will of the people made itself felt in a big way. And that’s why there’s as much chance that the token will rebound as it may continue to fall: Dogecoin’s future is in the hands of ordinary folks who will decide its direction.

There are parallels here with the [GameStop Corp. saga of just a few months ago](, when incensed Redditors decided to gang up on short-sellers to bid up the stock of the American computer games retailer. That frenzy, which drove GameStop up by 20 times in a matter of months, wasn’t the product of online brokerages or the advent of day-trading, which have both been around for decades.”””



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