Elon Musk Shares A New Dogecoin Baby Doge Coin


Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continues his Dogecoin tweets. After a relatively long hiatus, the billionaire posted a new tweet today. Musk by sharing a meme “Release the Doge!” said.

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This time Musk shared a Godfather meme about the Dogecoin code. The cryptocurrency community reacted with tweets saying that it is manipulating Dogecoin and cannot compete with the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Musk, as always, “Release the Doge!” He did not make any statement other than his statement. The tweet could be related to the Dogecoin development that Musk said he was supporting recently.

Dogecoin made a splash after the tweet. DOGE, which was traded at $0.23, rose to the level of $0.26.

elon musk shared a new dogecoin doge 4
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