Elon Musk’s Bitcoin (BTC) Shares Continue


elon muskin bitcoin btc paylasimlari devam ediyor

Elon Musk continues his Bitcoin tweets. Musk targeted Kraken CEO Jesse Powell in his post on Twitter today.

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Powell in an interview “Bitcoin is more “green” than critics say. “I think Elon needs to do more research” said. Musk below the interview shared by Bitcoin Magazine “based on what data” He asked what you said.

He Said Tesla Will Continue to Adopt Bitcoin (BTC)

Musk recently published an article by Cointelegraph alleging that he was doing market manipulation “this is not true” answered and “We believe Tesla will continue to accept BTC when more than 50% of Bitcoin miners use green energy.” he had said. Although some sources reported that Bitcoin has reached the green energy level of 50%, there was no explanation from Musk.


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