Wednesday, January 26

Elon Musk’s latest attempt to pump Dogecoin fails miserably. He’s becoming irrelevant!


Elon Musk’s latest attempt to pump Dogecoin fails miserably. He’s becoming irrelevant!


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  • ixtechau


    1. He was shilling Baby Doge, not Dogecoin
    2. Both Baby Doge and Dogecoin pumped when he tweeted

    So…he didn’t fail miserably.

  • sylsau

    Elon Musk has demonstrated for several weeks that he should not be given any credit when it comes to crypto currencies.

    Those who continue to give him importance by overreacting to each of his tweets are taking big risks that they may pay sooner or later with their own money.

    Because Elon Musk will always get away with it. It’s for the investors who follow him blindly that we should worry.

  • cfg17291

    Indeed, this might be the end for the crazy dogecoin prices, and the big bags will realise there’s less and less chance of a comeback, so we might see some big sell-offs in the coming days…

  • RickCG_

    I think that his tweets not affecting the market is because we are not in a bull run like a couple of months ago, every slightly bullish news back then would have had an impact on the price but right now the sentiment has shifted, many new investors realized that the market can also go down and are less inclined to throw money on a coin just because of a tweet.
    In my opinion bullish news happen every day, but they have very different results depending on the overall sentiment of the market.

  • iwillbeagodsoon

    It’s crazy how this shit is legal man

    Just imagine being rich and famous: buy a coin, tweet about it, STONKS. Basically a cheat code

  • Euralayus

    And yet, he gains a little bit more traction every time this sub gives him a pedestal to spew bullshit from.

  • dehy43

    Maybe cause he is talking about Baby Doge, the other shit meta meme coin? The one that is up 87% in the last 24 hrs? Is this sub really that fucking stupid?

  • BootyPatrol1980

    He’s always had good timing for his tweets, and he was only ever relevant because boomercoin has so many fidgity paperhands.

    Also the irrelevance bumped the price of DogeCoin by two cents this morning before a bunch of people sold it back down to the median (wise move). On top of that Bitcoin is down by 1k and that usually drags down the price of alts.

    A few takeaways;

    1) CryptoJournalism is doubleshit. Most of these “breaking news” sources are straight up propaganda outlets for big holding interests. Cointelegraph is Barry Silbert’s fucking blog.

    2) I feel like the only guy who looks at charts anymore. Does nobody see the correlation between Bitcoin and the alts? 99% of all moves aren’t even worth reporting on individual coins/tokens.

  • Mortytorty

    He is, was and will be irrelevant. For me he is just a normal human being, a rich one, but still a normal human being

  • TheGreaterNord

    To be fair this probably more of a Baby Dogecoin pump attempt than a dogecoing pump. Baby doge went up 100% after he tweeted that.

  • Riley-Coyote1957

    Irellivent .. As he and any celebrity should be to serious investors. I have 5 crypto including Doge and never bought on a Tweet.

  • sandygws

    Elon will always be relevant as he is a genius. Few would deny that.

    But his influence in the crypto world is good for no-one except Elon.

    The sooner he remembers that his manipulation actually costs real people real money, the better.

    Perhaps at that point the narcissistic wanker will STFU.

  • Past_Ad5078

    Why are people pretending like it’s not a doge pump? Yes, it’s a baby doge pump as well.

    But 99% of the public has no idea what baby doge is/where to buy it, so they, like most people here, took it to be dogecoin.

    And also I don’t think it’s just that we’re not in a bull market anymore that his tweet didn’t pump. I legit think his tweets are losing value at this point. Check the top comments on Twitter, they’re all bashing him and calling him out.
    Compared to months ago when they would all get hyped and spam doge memes in the comments.

  • Dry-humper-6969

    Don’t think he is becoming irrelevant, he trained the Doge to walk. Now the Doge is walking by himself. Thank you Elon Musk!!!

  • iowndisworld

    You have to see posts about how irrelevant he is otherwise people will still think he’s relevant. So we just gotta remind people that he is irrelevant and that’s a good thing. Unless you’re a sheep and you still idolize billionaires 🐑🥴

  • MorePropaganda

    It’s not that he’s irrelevant it’s that he’s talked so much that his words hold less value than they used to, simple

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