Erotic-Focused Game Subserve Is Among The Most Popular On Steam In 4 Days

Developed in 2019 with support from the fundraising platform Kickstarter, the sexually explicit game named Subverse was recently released on Steam. The game, which attracted attention at a level that exceeded expectations, managed to reach more than 25 thousand instant players. On the other hand, Subverse is now one of Steam’s bestsellers.

In a content we shared with you years ago, we talked about a game called “Subverse”. The game, which is full of obscene and exaggerated hentai content, was developed by an independent developer and funded through a fundraising platform called Kickstarter. This game raised $ 1 million when it was first heard and $ 2.3 million in development. The game, which recently took its place on Steam, is currently among the bestsellers of Steam.

Subverse is a production that takes place in the space environment, where you have to do some tasks and you can activate various sex scenes by collecting points as a result of these tasks. According to Studio FOW, the developer of the game, which is still in early access, Subverse will offer much more sexual content once it becomes stable.

25 thousand 318 players played Subverse simultaneously

Since Subverse is still in the early access stage, it is completed in a short time. However, this situation does not seem to affect the players. Because, according to Steam data, Subverse has reached the number of 25 thousand 318 simultaneous players from March 26, the day it was published. This instant player count means Subverse has managed to become as popular as The Witcher 3.

It is unknown when Subverse will switch to the stable version. However, the gamers who experienced the short version of the game have already started to share their “Very Positive” comments. When we look at the comments in general, we see that nothing negative has happened.

It should be noted, by the way, that Subverse is not viewable by every player. The reason for this is that the game contains adult content. In this context, in order to access the game, you need to open access to adult content from your user settings on Steam.