Ethereum reaches all-time high

One of the number one agenda items of investors is Ethereum in the crypto money markets is having very active days. With the effect of the increase in institutional purchases, Bitcoin, which turned its direction up again, exceeded the limit of 36,500 dollars. Ethereum is at an all-time high! So why has Ethereum soared? Here is the latest situation in the crypto money markets …

Why did Ethereum rise? Ether, the second-largest market cap in the cryptocurrency markets, rose to an all-time high of $ 1,500 after Grayscale Investments announced that Ethereum Trust would reopen for public trading.

BITCOIN is New Gold and Ethereum is Silver

Grayscale closed Ethereum for public transactions in December, when heavy purchases came. With the new decision, Grayscale will allow its users to buy and sell publicly available Ethereum Trust shares.

Research comparing the search volume on the Internet with 2017 also revealed that the rapid climb in Bitcoin was due to institutional purchases.

Bitcoin, the highest volume unit of the cryptocurrency markets, saw an all-time high of $ 41,946.74 on January 8, supported by the rapidly increasing institutional purchases since the last days of last year.

Bitcoin, which fluctuated between $ 33,821 and $ 36,767 in the last 24 hours, increased 9.01 percent to $ 36,678.02, while the weekly earnings of the unit were calculated at 9.01 percent. Bitcoin’s total market volume also increased by approximately $ 53 billion to $ 683 billion.

While the value of 18 units fell from the highest volume 100 units in the last 24 hours in the crypto money markets, there was no fall from the top 10 units.

Cryptocurrency ethereum broke a record

ethereum 2.0 boga kosusunu tetikleyecek

The cryptocurrency ethereum saw an all-time high as investors moved to buy before futures contracts began trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange next week.

With the effect of increasing corporate purchases, the total market volume exceeding the 1.0 trillion dollar limit for the first time in history on January 7 increased from 1 trillion 14.2 dollars to 1 trillion 95.7 billion dollars in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin made up 62.4 percent of the total market volume in 33,045 markets, where a total of 8,384 cryptocurrencies were traded. The 24-hour trading volume in all markets also fell from $ 158 billion to $ 151 billion, down by $ 7.0 billion.

“Newsweek, one of the largest weekly magazines in the USA, defined Bitcoin as the new gold standard.

“Everything that shines is not gold, but it can be Bitcoin.” The new issue of the magazine, which has tens of thousands of readers, gave the user a Bitcoin message.

Ethereum record in 2 days

ethereum eth

Ethereum gained limited value today after its rise in the last two days, reaching a record high at $ 1,698.56. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, also rose 1.2% to $ 38,120.

Cryptocurrencies are attracting more and more investors. The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies rose above $ 1 trillion for the first time in early January.

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